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Grab Bars & Rails

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What are grab bars and rails?

Grab bars and rails are essentially poles that are installed on the bathroom wall. They improve bathroom safety as they enable the person to hold on to them to maintain balance and stability while moving as they need to.

Where should you install grab bars and rails?

For optimal safety, one or two grab bars or rails should be installed by the toilet, one to three bars in the shower or bathtub, and, of course anywhere else in the bathroom where someone would need assistance.

What brands of grab bars and rails does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Homecraft and much more.

Grab Bars & Rails

A shower rail is a safety device made to help an individual access a tool to hold onto in case of a minor fall or slip. Grab rails are made to help patients in moving to and from the bathroom; they can also help prevent falls in bathtubs or the shower. However, many are found in hospitals, aged care institutions, and homecare settings.

Patient Handling is highly committed to providing the best shower grabs and shower rails from one of the best brands in the market, Homecraft.

A bathroom handle can help maintain balance, decrease fatigue when standing, and reduce weight when moving. When placed next to a bathroom, they might help in the wheelchair moving to the toilet seat and then back to the wheelchair. Also, they are beneficial to individuals who have difficulties in lowering themselves down or maintaining a standing position.

Shower grab rails can be very vital in facilitating balance-related conditions. When applied in a bathtub or the shower, bathroom suction handles can help maintain balance when standing or moving around, help in moving into and out of closed areas, and ultimately help reduce falls and slips. Additionally, shower grab rails are commonly used with other devices to enhance safety; for instance, a shower chair is placed near a shower rail will effortlessly assist in reducing fall prevention. And when positioned beside a toilet, the toilet raiser will automatically complement the grab rail.

A bathroom handle or grab handle is also connected to the wall with the application of suction cups; these sturdy yet mobile bars can effortlessly be connected and removed without causing any damage to the wall or needing a permanent repair on the wall. It is imperative to confirm the suitability of the chosen location before trying to mount or apply this type of rail.

Furthermore, shower rails and grab rails are significant when prioritizing your health complexities and when developing wet room or mobility bathrooms, the appropriate installation is important for efficient use. Here, at Patient Handling, we understand this is important for people regardless of their age; therefore, if you or a member of any household might feel they require extra support in the bathroom.

Besides, we understand it is a popular place where one might suffer a bathroom fall because of the wet surfaces; however, individuals might appear reluctant to install grab rails. When you have significantly low strength, suffer dizziness, poor balance, pain, or relatively poor eyesight, a shower rail will be significant for
● Additional support, stability, and confidence when accessing the bathroom or the shower.
● Reduce the risk of falling and enhance safety when you are unwell.
● Enhanced peace of mind and independence.
● Reducing the pressure from your joints or any other painful body parts.
Additionally, proper positioning and non-slippery surfaces are essential for maximum benefit.
● Diagonal positioning. A slightly downwards shower rail is perfect when your wrists are weak because you can simply rest your forearms or for that additional support.
● Horizontal positioning. A wall-installed rail, approximately ten centimetres above the bathroom rim, can be very beneficial when attempting to get out of the bath.
● Vertical positioning. This is ideal for aiding an individual to stand from the shower or bath seat. Besides, it is helpful for your shower entrance, above the bath, or even within a wet room.

Our Patient Handling team of experts is passionate about helping our clients gain maximum safety; we ensure you get the perfect size and type for your wet room or bathroom. Kindly do not hesitate to call us for more information.

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