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Toilet Aids

Patient Handling has a wide range of toilet aids such as toilet seat raisers, over toilet aids, support frames and bottom wipers available in on our website. View other products in this category here: Anti Slip MatsBathroom AccessoriesBath AidsBath BoardsBathroom SeatingBath Transfer BenchesBottom WipersGrab Bars & RailsOver Toilet FramesRaised Toilet Seats,  Shower ChairsShower Commodes


What are toilet aids?

Toilet aids are products used for those who require some assistance to get on and off the toilet. These aids will help the user safely and comfortably go to the bathroom without strain or injury.

What types of toilet aids does Patient Handling offer?

We offer a range of products including toilet seat cushions, toilet support frames, bottom wipers, toilet seat raisers and much more.

What brands of toilet aids does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Homecraft, KCare, Peak Care, R&R Healthcare Equipment and much more.

Toilet Aids

Patient Handling has a broad range of toilet accessories, including toilet seat raisers, bottom wipers and over toilet aids.

Our toilet aids are from the best brands in the market; they include R&R Healthcare Equipment, Peak Care, KCare, and Homecraft.
Raised toilet seats, toilet risers, or toilet seat risers support technology devices that improve toilet accessibility for the elderly and individuals with disabilities. They can help to smoothen the transfer process to and from the wheelchair and minimize falls.

Patient Handling provides all types of toilet seat raisers, including those with armrests, and in many cases, these are the swing-away armrests that offer the alternative for a side transfer. On the other hand, toilet accessories such as the toilet surround are designed to complement the raiser and provide extra stability for the user when standing or lowering themselves. Also, the frame is tubular for the user to hold onto on either side. The tube’s width is also available in various sizes to support the handgrip; the wider the tube is, the easier it will be for the user to grip.

During a hip or knee surgery or during the rehabilitation period, toilet seat raisers are often depended upon. Suppose there is a mobility difficulty; they help by lowering the level to which the user needs to lower themselves onto the toilet seat.  It could be something that you have not given much thought about; however, when you are living with an elderly person who has difficulties sitting and standing, then a toilet aid for the elderly can come in handy.

Over toilet aids minimize the distance that an individual has to move when intending to sit on the toilet. When the toilet seat is elevated only a few inches, it could make a significant difference for any person who finds it challenging to sit or stand from the toilet. Toilet accessories such as toilet seat raisers can be found in various height intervals to suit the patient’s needs.

The following are among the benefits of toilet accessories:

  • Stability. You might select a toilet seat raiser with or without the grab rails, although it is better to choose the ones with that extra support if you require additional assistance with your mobility. The additional height will reduce the stress on your knees and aid in standing easier. It will also help to boost your confidence when using the bathroom.
  • Safety. Toilet accessories improve safety because the user is offered a safe base for sitting, makes standing much easier, and minimizes falls and slips.
  • Relief. They relieve the user’s joints from any additional pressure. People who have arthritis find it challenging to bend their joints; hence toilet aids will lower the squatting position when using the toilet.
  • Easy to fit. Toilet accessories do not need much work to install; technically, toilet aids such as the toilet seat raisers have adjustable fixing brackets that usually secure the seat in position to maximum stability.

Patient Handling provides the best quality toilet aids and toilet accessories; therefore, for your queries regarding toilet aids, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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