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Shower Commodes

Our range includes bariatric commodes, bedside commodes, wheeled commodes along with all accessories that you may need. If you need help with deciding on the best toilet commode to suit your needs please call us or send us an email. View other products in this category here: Anti Slip MatsBathroom AccessoriesBath AidsBath BoardsBathroom SeatingBath Transfer BenchesBottom WipersGrab Bars & RailsOver Toilet FramesRaised Toilet Seats,  Shower ChairsShower Commodes, Toilet Aids


What are shower commodes?

Shower commodes are products designed to assist people who have difficulty using the toilet or standing for long periods in the shower. It is an open seat on wheels that can be used in the shower and positioned over a toilet.

Can a commode be used in the shower?

Yes, our shower commodes can be used in the shower. They allow for extensive use in wet areas, and contain an open rear, for toilet clearance, to make them suitable for both toileting and showering.

What brands of shower commodes does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Etac, Juvo, TA-Service and much more.

Shower Commodes

A shower commode is a toileting and showering aid made to be applied over an existing toilet or act as a separate toilet and even in the shower. Technically, a bathroom commode is a combination of a manual wheelchair and bedside commode; however, it is recommended for wet places. A shower commode chair is prevalently recommended to prevent hazards when conducting a patient transfer to the bathroom. For instance, when transferring a patient from the wheelchair to the shower chair.

At Patient Handling, we provide a broad range of shower commodes, including wheeled commodes, bedside commodes, and bariatric commodes. Our shower commode category includes other products such as Bath AidsBath BoardsBathroom SeatingGrab Bars & RailsShower ChairsToilet AidsTransfer Benches. We also ensure we get all these products from the best brands in the market, including TA-Service, Juvo, and Etac.

Besides, a mobile shower commode is made to be applied in the bathroom; they are manufactured from rust-resistant materials, including stainless steel and aluminium. There are various models and types of shower commodes available; simpler models are significant for people with temporary needs, for instance, those recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. Also, for people with prominent and ongoing mobility problems, considering the alternatives are more complex and will prove to be beneficial in the end.

Shower commodes provide a more secure and seated posture, thus minimizing the risk of slipping and falling. Besides, showering is not just about cleaning yourself; we all understand the satisfaction of a warm shower when the weather is rather chilly outside, or the warm water helps in soothing painful joints and muscles. However, showering can be a bit challenging; the duration of standing, with the possibility of slipping or falling, can imply that showering is not as enjoyable. A shower commode chair can offer the support you require to shower confidently and safely by providing you a safe place to sit.

Additionally, there are various styles of bathroom commodes, including self-propelled wheeled,tilt-in-space,attendant-propelled, and standard shower commodes. However, the attributes are different; however, they are tremendous overall health and therapeutic advantages for a shower commode user.

The following are a few benefits of a shower commode chair:
● Enhances safety in the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in many homes, although it can be the most dangerous. Statistically, approximately eighty percent of home falls happen in the bathroom. The combination of a wet place and confined space can easily lead to falls and slips more often than not. Besides, as we grow old, the probability of falling or slipping in the bathroom increases due to the escalation of health issues and reduced mobility.
● Improves freedom and independence. For most people, the bathroom signifies freedom; this is one of the places at home where we can conduct our personal tasks with no intrusion. Shower commodes can be very beneficial in returning this privacy to individuals with mobility problems. It lets a person take a shower with very little assistance by offering sturdy reinforcement that can be wheeled across the bathroom.
● Portable and lightweight. Travelling can be a little complex for individuals with reduced mobility, therefore, whether you intend to stay in a hotel or at a friend’s house. You would wish to feel confident and safe while showering. Your own bathroom commode is convenient and a hygienic alternative to assist in toileting and showering. Many shower commodes can be effortlessly fixed in the trunk of the car and brought out when required.

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