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Bed Wedges & Support Pillows

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What are bed wedges and support pillows?

A bed wedge or support pillow is a pillow placed under a patient to assist them in positioning their body and posture when resting in bed.

How to use support pillows and bed wedges and why you should use them?

A wedge pillow can be placed underneath the upper body, with the thinnest part of the wedge resting near the middle of the back. This incline will open up the airway to make breathing easier and ensure the tongue falls forward rather than backward to prevent obstruction. Sleeping on a wedge pillow provides just enough elevation for the upper body, which prevents mucus from pooling at the back of the throat. This can help reduce inflammation and irritation, and ultimately lead to better overall health.

What brands of bed wedges and support pillows does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Better Living, Peak Care, R&R Healthcare Equipment and much more.

Bed Wedges & Support Pillows

A bed wedge is a pillow placed under a patient to assist them in positioning their body and posture when resting in the bed. Triangle pillows are typically designed for a standard firm foam and are usually triangular and with a sharp incline. This shape plays a huge role in assisting the individual using the wedge pillow to maintain a semi-upright position while sleeping. At Patient Handling, we provide the best brands of wedge pillows, including Better Living, Peak Care, and R&R Healthcare Equipment.

A wedge pillow may be able to assist with numerous health and sleep problems, including:

  • Acid reflux. When you have reflux, stomach acid flows back to your esophagus; the acid backs up, making you cough and experience a choking feeling. Bed wedges apply gravity to facilitate the acid drain into your stomach rather than the throat.
  • Sinus problems. It is significant to ensure your head and shoulders are at an appropriate angle to help in draining your sinuses. A bed wedge or triangle pillow might aid in easing the sinus pressure; thus, you will not have to sleep experiencing stuffiness due to a cold or flu.
  • Snoring and sleep apnea. Your tongue and tissues in your mouth tend to relax when you sleep; therefore, they might block your throat and interfere with your airway; consequently leading to snoring or more severe sleep apnea. When you keep you use a wedge pillow, your head will be at the appropriate angle while sleeping because it allows gravity to maintain your airways open.
  • Neck and back pain. For you to ensure your spine is upright, you need to use a wedge pillow as a backrest pillow at the top of your bed. While sleeping on your back, tuck the high end; this will ensure your spinal column is in a straight line, thus reducing back and neck pain.
  • Pregnancy. Support pillows help reduce the back pain strain by sliding under your belly and supporting the growing bump when sleeping on your side. This is a recommended sleep posture for mothers-to-be because it offers the most effective blood flow to the uterus.
  • Post-operative care. Doctors frequently recommend triangle pillows for patients who have recently undergone surgery. Based on where the surgery was performed, it can decrease swelling and pain in the delicate joint areas.
  • Nighttime asthma. For anyone suffering from this, a wedge pillow helps combat the severe effects of gravity and prevents blood from filling the lungs.

These are among the few widespread benefits of a wedge pillow; while some individuals enjoy the feel of triangle pillows, many sleepers end up choosing one for a particular health reason. When you ask a number of support pillow users, you will realize that everyone has their own taste and unique needs. It is due to the wedge pillows’ versatility that makes them so popular.

Patient Handling is focused on offering professional and highly experienced staff, great products, and incredible partners. We strive to ensure our clients get the best wedge pillows in the market to meet all their unique needs.

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