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Pressure Relief Devices for Pressure Care

Patient Handling has a wide range of pressure care equipment available on our website.  View other products in this category here: Aged Care AidsDaily Living AidsDressing & Grooming Aids, Adaptive Kitchen ToolsMedical Sheepskins, Reaching AidsTherapy Aids, Cognitive Aids and Other Independent Living Aids


What is pressure care?

Pressure injuries develop when mobility is reduced or limited when confined to a bed or chair. Pressure relief products are a great way to help alleviate injuries caused by this, and may include cushions or protectors for various parts of the body.

What types of pressure care products does Patient Handling offer?

We offer a range of products including toilet seat cushions, mattress overlays, foot plate protectors, sheepskin protectors, pressue cushions and much more.

What brands of pressure care does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Equagel, Funke, Jay, Novis, Patient Handling and much more.

Pressure Relief Devices for Pressure Care

Pressure ulcers are the parts of the skin that have been significantly damaged due to friction or constant pressure resulting from mobility challenges and are commonly associated with older and overweight populations or people bound in bed or chairs for a long time. Due to the state of pressure ulcers, they can be problematic to treat and, in other situations, cause severe complications and other health-related problems such as infection of the blood, bone, joints, cancer, and abscess. 

There are many prevention strategies and treatments for pressure ulcers for an individual and their care provider. There is a vast range of pressure area care equipment designed for pressure care or pressure support; pressure equipment is helpful in the healing process. Patient Handling provides pressure-relieving equipment for pressure sores. Under this category, other products include Dressing & Grooming AidsKitchen AidsMedical Sheepskins, Reaching AidsTherapy Aids, and Other Independent Living Aids. We source our pressure area care products from nothing but the best brands in the market; they include Bullsone, Equagel, Funke, Jay, Novis, Patient Handling, Peak Care, Shear Comfort, Skil Care, Spenco, Varilite and Roho.

Roho is a brand that is synonymous with pressure care and relief. Roho cushions are the industry standard for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. They are used and accepted worldwide as the best cushion for the treatment of serious pressure sores.

We recommend you seek professional advice before making your purchase if the user is at risk of developing a pressure sore or already has one.

Pressure care devices help in reducing the probability of developing pressure sores and enhancing the user’s comfort while reducing unnecessary stress on care providers. These pressure-relieving devices are designed to lower pressure and reduce any discomfort that patients might feel in their daily lives.  

Cushioned supports, for instance, electronic mattresses and riser recliners can help in efficient pressure care management. Specialized mattresses and cushions can also offer the crucial support required to ease pressure and improve comfort levels. Orthopedic cushions and mattresses come in handy in providing the user with great levels of support for the head and the body, generally to ease an accumulated strain to the pressure points. These products are designed to allow air circulation that assists in preventing stiffness and suffocation to the surface. These kinds of pressure-relieving products enhance the comfort levels and the user’s quality of sleep. 

Pressure relief wheelchair sets are essential for people confined in wheelchairs and are vulnerable to pressure sores. They help mould around the body and equally distribute pressure to avoid severe pressure to a specific part of the body. On the other hand, pressure area care devices can include medical-grade sheepskin accessories. Accessories like elbow protectors have been designed to act as an additional pressure relief for people who require it. Sheepskin offers a gentle interface that might be missing from many natural surfaces. They provide significant comfort to the bony areas of the body that are vulnerable to relieve tension and make sure great comfort levels.  

Please feel free to contact us today for more information about our pressure-relieving devices, pressure area equipment, and products and services. 

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