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Aged Care Aids

There is a vast range of aged care aids to assist the elderly in undertaking daily activities. Many aids help with mobility while minimising injury such as from a fall. Other aids will make a once simple task effortless once again.

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Aged Care Aids

Aged care equipment can include the simplest tools such as an extended arm reacher, toilet seat raiser, rollator, ramp, and many more. Aged care devices are all designed to enhance the quality of life for our elderly and help them retain their independence; with aids for the elderly, our seniors can continue with their daily tasks and even remain active within their community.

There is a broad range of aged care equipment and aged care devices to help the elderly perform their daily and routine activities. Mobility Equipment for the elderly helps improve mobility and reduce injuries caused by slips and falls.

At Patient Handling, we offer you the best-aged care devices from the best brands, and they include AirgoCare Quip, HomecraftPeak CarePerformance Health, PrideKarma, MeritsTheorem Concepts and Uccello. 

As we get older, our bones, muscles, and joints start to get weak and might not be as strong as before. Some activities need more effort, while others might seem almost impossible. There are well designed aged care equipment and aids for the elderly that help with each activity, whether big or small. These devices assist with all kinds of daily tasks, including sitting on a chair, visiting the toilet, having a bath or shower, preparing a meal and dining. This aged care equipment can make difficult tasks easier and lead to daily improvements, effectiveness, and productivity. 

Aged care equipment and mobility equipment for the elderly helps in preventing falls. Falling is a common problem that senior citizens may experience. They can begin to experience difficulties with standing or even maintaining their balance. In some cases, this can result in additional pain, and this is where aged care devices such as canes, walking frames and walkers should come in handy. They play a crucial part in offering balance, support and giving the elderly the confidence they need to move around with less difficulty. 

Aged care equipment and mobility equipment for the elderly are highly user-friendly and typically designed for seniors with particular conditions. They are also significant in ensuring independence and can assist users in staying at home for longer before moving to a care facility.  

Mobility Equipment for the elderly includes Rollators or Walkers, which are widely used for added stability around the home and outdoors. The added benefit of a rollator is the seat which can assist with fatigue. This seat on the rollator is useful for transporting items around the home, making everyday tasks simpler. Another commonly used aged care aids are tipping kettles. This enables safe and coordinated pouring. The kettle remains in its cradle and does not need to be lifted.

Pressure sores become more common in those who are seated for a prolonged period. There are medical grade sheepskin boots, mattress and chair overlay’s available to assist with minimising this type of injury.

For many, choosing equipment to suit individual needs is simple and can be undertaken independently or with family members or friends. When needs become more complex or when the equipment is more specialised, an experienced consultant, Occupational Therapist, or trained healthcare worker may be engaged to perform an assessment.

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