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Electric Wheelchairs

We recently asked TA iQ Powerchair user Andy Grant to come up with a list of suggestions to improve comfort in a wheelchair so we could share his experience with other wheelchair users. Here’s what he had in mind:

1. The Cushion

This is the hardest one to get right but number one in terms of priority.  I use a Roho Quadtro High Profile Cushion

2. Power Leg Rest

This is the most important thing to me, and the thing I use the most each day to improve my level of comfort, I would use it between 50-100 ti...

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A systematic review of the influence of healthcare worker musculoskeletal health ans safety interventions and work environment on patient outcomes. The review was prepared by Dr Katharine Gibson, Dr Beth Costa and Dr Amanda Sampson.

Below is an extract from the review regarding musculoskeletal related health and safety for healthcare workers

5.1 Healthcare worker health status and patient outcomes

Based on part A of this evidence review examining worker health status and patient outcomes, an evidence-based approach to improving bot...

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To ensure you get the longest life out of your batteries, Molift have compiled a list of tips for caring for the battery for your Molift lifter.  These tips are for batteries used for the Molift Smart 150 Portable Patient LifterMolift Mover 180 and Molift Quick Raiser Raisers as well as the Molift Mover 205Molift Mover 300 and Molift Partner 255 Patient Hoist.

  • New batteries will not achieve full capacity before it has been fully charged and discharged 2-3 times.
  • We recommend that yo...
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On the 6th of December 2017, the Senate announced for an inquiry and report into the mobility scooter regulations by the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee.

The matter: “The need for regulation of mobility scooters, also known as power wheelchairs or motorized wheelchairs or” will include:

a.the number of deaths and injuries attributed to accidents involving mobility scooters in Australia since their introduction;

b.the causes of these accidents;

c.any current regulations gover...

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When performing manual transfer techniques it is important to remember the following:

  • Know your limitations, if you require extra assistance for transfer: ask. It is important to remember to not injure yourself in the process of helping someone else.
  • Know the weight of the patient and how they are being transported.
  • Communicate with the patient and other people assisting: the plan for transferring the patient. Risk of injuries can be minimised through constant verbal communication.

Technique Tips for the Caregiver:

  • Avoid body twistin...

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Mobility Equipment

The following information is designed to assist you with the adjustment of your Peak Care Feather Touch Brake system (as set up on Peak Care Ellipse Rollators)

1. Hand Brake is too loose:

Loosen the tension adjustment screw locking nut and turn the screw on full turn clockwise (as viewed from standing at the back of the Peak Care Ellipse Walker / Rollator).  If this does not correct the adjustment, repeat one full turn at a time until you have adjusted your brakes.  Make sure the locking nut is spun tight a...

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Pressure Care

Therapeutic cushions are typically wedges or cushions used by health professionals to position patients and help alleviate any discomfort an individual may be experiencing. Choosing the best therapeutic cushion is unique to specific needs and should be used with caution while under medical advice.

Therapeutic cushions can be used to:

⦁ Support limbs

⦁ Support body trunk

⦁ Sitting support

⦁ Support lumbar spine

⦁ Support posture

Products include:

Bed Wedge

Bed Wedge is a therapeutic cush...

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Samuel is a young boy who has been utilising the NDIS for the past 2 years.

Goal: increase verbal communication skills

NDIS has allowed Samuel’s parents, Kerrie and Michael, to choose and tailor the necessary supports to suit Samuel’s needs. This included engaging in services such as speech, occupational and physio therapy as well as an educator to enable him to participate in typical activities suitable for his age group such as communicating with his peers.

The NDIS has helped through supporting Samuel’s develop...

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Occupational therapists assist people to participate in everyday activities through overcoming barriers. Typically, occupational therapists complete assessments on the clients to assess their functional needs. They can recommend, trial and prescribe adaptive equipment with the aim of increasing independence or teach alternative techniques and or improve current skills in completing tasks. Occupational therapists can provide education to clients about their disabilities and may run wellness programs within the community.

Finding the right O...

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At age 39, Tania suffered from a stroke and as she recovered she was confined to her rehabilitation bed in an aged care facility for three years, away from her family and community.

Goal 1: Using an electric wheelchair

Goal 2: Reunite with husband and daughter

NDIS has helped through Tania accessing and using an electric wheelchair to help her engage in her daily occupations. Tania’s NDIS funding has also allowed her to move back home and live with her family through choosing personalised supports and equipme...

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