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A physiotherapist typically treats the physical source of the injury, “impairment”, with the aim to restore and improve mobility and prevent further injury. An occupational therapist's role is to improve functional abilities whilst carrying out daily life/ activities (i.e. complete everyday activities with the "impairment".) Occupational therapists can assess and evaluate the client in their environment, as well as trial and prescribe possible assistive equipment. Occupational therapists aim to help clients improve and optimise their independe...

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Manual Handling

We found this Interesting video on the cost analysis of a safe patient handling program from the Risk Authority Stanford. This may be useful to some of you Manual Handling Co-ordinators and Work Health Safety officers out there if you are trying to build a business case for implementing changes in your facility. We see the situation time and time again that hospital budgets don't seem to stretch to the last mile of getting patient handling systems right.  Those systems can range from slide sheets and proper training around their ...

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Manual Handling

You may have heard of Occupational Therapy but are not exactly sure how this profession can help you and how you can go about finding one to suit you.

Firstly the term "Occupational Therapy" can often be confusing as it may carry the misconception that the therapy is offered at areas of employment or that is is vocational counselling and job training. The webster's dictionary meaning of the the word "Occupation" is "an activity in which one engages". This activity is therefore not restricted to a work task but is much broader and can incorporate ...

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Pressure Care

Roho offers a large range of Roho cushions and it can be challenging knowing which cushion is the right one for you. As a starting point, if you are considering Roho here are some of the most commonly asked questions. We've also put together a graph as a guide to selecting a cushion to suit your needs.

How do I choose the right cushion for periods of long sitting?

If you require prevention of pressure ulcers and deep tissue injury along with pain relief then the Roho High Profile Single Compartment and Roho High Profile Dua...

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Electric Wheelchairs

24th August 2015

As I suffer from a rare, degenerative neurological condition, it became time to surrender my scooter and find a power wheelchair that suited me. I was seeking a chair that had great manoeuvrability, reliability and appropriate back-up support. I happened across the TA iQ Mid Wheel Drive at the ATSA Independent Living Exhibition in Sydney in 2013. I was able trial it with its developer, Torben Andersen from Denmark, who was visiting Australian distributor Patient Handling, Marrickville, New South Wales.


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Electric Wheelchairs

The best advice we've been given by other power chair travellers is if possible plan ahead to allow plenty of time to research your trip. The better planned you can be then the more likely you will be able to anticipate any problems that arise and better resolve any obstacles as they occur.

If you haven't done much flying yet, then travelling with an attendant to assist you along the way will definitely make it easier for you. As flying can be a large and important part of the trip it can be really useful to take on some of these tips below. ...

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