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Patient Handling Bed Ladder Strap

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    This Patient Handling bed ladder strap helps in assisting patients to sit up independently. It is commonly used as a safe and economical alternative to monkey bars. It also has a strong band of webbing with 4 handholds along its length.  All loops are attached to the main webbing ith rectangular and diagonal stitching.  All ends are sewn under to present a smooth, comfortable handling surface.

    Fitting the bed ladder strap is simple - just lay the Bed Ladder Strap on the bed with the pulling loop towards the patient and wrap the foot end around the end of the bed frame a few times and then 'lassoe' in position. Alternatively, the strap can be wrapped around one of the bed legs and left slightly diagonally on the bed.

    Length: 186cm
    Width: 3.5cm
    Loop Circumference: 28cm
    Machine Washable: Up to 80 degrees Celsius


    How to Use Bed Ladder Straps (01:31)
    Bed Ladder Straps are designed to aid the patient in sitting up independently, without the assistance of a carer. The Bed Ladder Strap can be used as an alternative to monkey bars. The Bed Ladder Strap is a strong band of webbing, with four equidistant handholds along it's length that support and aid the patient with each stage of sitting up. The Bed Ladder is easily attached to the bed frame; by wrapping it around the bottom of the frame, and looping it through itself to create a simple knot. You can then simply pull the strap through and place it flat parallel to the bed. The Patient can then use the Bed Ladder Strap to assist in sitting up and down when in bed; by simply taking hold of each of the equidistant handholds in turn, along the length of the strap. For more information please call 1300 137 875 or visit the website www.patienthandling.com.au
    • How to Use Bed Ladder Straps
      Bed Ladder Straps are designed to aid the patient in sitting u...

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    1. Great way to get patients to help themselves  star rating

      Posted by Kaye Millard on 15th Feb 2018

      We use this product to encourage our patients to lift themselves up and so eliminating much manual handling