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Reaching Aids

A reacher grabber can be ideal for users across a broad range of mobility issues. Reaching aids are designed as an extension of your arm. This extension allows you to retrieve items which are out of reach. It may also reduce the need for a ladder or step stool.

The user does not need to bend, stretch or reach as far as they usually would. When in use, the reacher grabber can be used for high, overhead locations as well as for picking up from the floor. The reacher grabber is also useful for retrieving items in hard to reach places. These places include the back of a cupboard, behind a lounge or under a table.

Typically reaching aids will be purchased for individuals with the following conditions: Back pain, Recovery from hip or knee surgery, Mobility issues, Balance problems

The reacher grabber is a relatively simple piece of equipment; however, there are a few factors to consider when purchasing
Does the handle grip sit comfortably in your hand?
Are you able to grasp the trigger and squeeze to make it operable?
Does the claw at the end of the handle grip well enough to pick up the items?
Is it lightweight enough so that no strain is placed on your body when being used?
What length do you require? This may be dependant on your height or length of reach. It may be possible that you need multiple sizes for different scenarios.
Do you require a magnetic claw to assist with picking up items that are metal?

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