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Molifts range of patient lifting slings sets the bar very high. RgoSlings are offered in various styles to suit user needs. Comfortable slings are essential for the well-being of the users. Molift is committed in developing the most comfortable and flexible slings for both users and caregivers.

The Molift RgoSling Concept

  1. Built-in ergonomy for comfortable hoisting
  2. Maximum Comfort
  3. Anatomical shape makes the difference!
  4. Unique sliding loop function
  5. Scandinavian Design
  • What style of sling will suit me? Medium back or High Back?


    Medium Back RgoSling: This Patient sling is suitable for those users who have good head and trunk control and are not reliant on the sling for head support.

    High Back RgoSLing: RgoSlings with highback are for users who have limited trunk strength and need head support to be safely lifted in comfort

  • I just want a general purpose sling. Do you have one of these?


    Our sling range is designed for maximum user safety and comfort. A "general purpose sling" is usually a bad compromise that does no job well. For general transfers the RgoSling Medium or high back is the best. If you require the sling for toileting we would recommed a toileting sling. If you have infection control issues then a single patient use sling is recommended.

  • My current sling is not padded. Why would I want a padded sling?


    The padding on RgoSlings is designed to spread the load on the supporting surfaces, preventing the sling from causing discomfort to the user. The padding also improves the useability of the sling, making it easier to apply with the proper training.

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