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Seating & Postural Consulting

Try standing upright for 2 minutes. After a very short time you will find yourself shifting weight , moving your weight from one leg to another. Maybe trying to lean on a wall or whatever it may be, you are trying to make yourself comfortable. It is the same if you are seated all day. It doesn’t take long for bad seating to have an effect on your quality of life

At PH we try to look at the person in a holistic fashion when it comes to posture and how to correctly position someone. We use our eyes, to critically observe a situation, our ears to listen to what we are told by the client and we don’t bring preconceived solutions to seating and postural problems.

How we are positioned influences how we interact with the world. If it is uncomfortable to look up you will look down. If you at risk of a pressure sore and a poorly seated you will develop a pressure ulcer which can be life threatening for some clients.

We look at all aspects of a client’s situation and not just wheelchair seating: Homecare beds, height adjustable chairs, commodes just to name a few.

We are fortunate to have staff who have the highest level of skill and experience in this area. The emphasis being on experience.

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