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A wheelchair can provide independence for the user. Often it will assist the user to participate in daily lifestyle activities.
Finding the right wheelchair to meet the needs of the user is essential to receiving the maximum benefit that these mobility aids can offer. It is also paramount that the user is comfortable and well supported when seated for a prolonged period.

Patient Handling provides a carefully chosen range of wheelchairs to suit a variety of needs. Quality and durability are foremost in the selection that we stock. Our Manual Wheelchair range includes lightweight, foldable styles for easy transport and storage. A lightweight chair makes it much easier for the attendant when pushing, particularly along uneven surfaces and up ramps and hills. Our selection of tilt-in-space wheelchairs provides ease-of-use and maximum support.

Our Comfort Wheelchairs feature a Dynamic Seating System to accommodate the user's extension movement. This allows the wheelchair to work in synergy with the user's extension movements. They are ideal for users with complex demands. Included in our range is a power and electric wheelchairs to minimise the effort required to operate.

Powered wheelchairs assist users with higher-level needs. They are equipped with high-quality powered drive-motors to tackle various terrains and steep inclines. The seating systems are set up to manage posture and pressure needs. Batteries are designed for long-range use.
These are ideal for those who value their independence but are unable to use a manual wheelchair.

Our range of wheelchairs caters to all ages, including paediatrics. Comfort Wheelchairs and Electric Wheelchairs can be customised to suit exact needs.

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