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TA Electric Toilet & Shower Commodes

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TA Electric Toilet & Shower Commodes

Patient Handling offers the most superior quality toilet seat lifter designed to help individuals with weak muscles to sit and stand unassisted from a regular toilet. Also, because of the sophisticated nature of an electric commode, it is crucial to have well-trained professionals that can offer support to make sure this device meets your needs to the fullest. We provide toilet seat lifters from a quality, renowned, and trusted brand, TA-Service.


An electric commode features a detachable hand control with easy-touch buttons, and a charger plug-in is located on its hand control under the armrest. Also, forty centimetres of variable lifting interval offers improved independence for the patient. On the other hand, the vertical lift counteracts the threat of tipping over when the patient is alternating from a standing position. Additionally, the foldable armrests smooth the transfer process, while the adjustable legs imply the TA Electric Lifter could be flexible to fit nearly all floor types.


Also, there are some disabilities that need the application of toilet lift seats because some disabled individuals are unable to lift themselves from the regular handicapped toilet seats, even when the toilets qualify for the ADA bathroom standards for the ideal height of 17 to 19” from the floor. Most disability types make it challenging to move to and from the toilet seat without requiring the help of a caregiver as well. Furthermore, the two problems of physical inability to independently transfer to and from the toilet seat and the necessity for a caregiver when using the toilet frequently make it necessary and relatively convenient to add this electric commode to bathrooms for the disabled.


The following are among the benefits of an electric commode:
Portable. They can be mounted directly on top of a handicapped or conventional toilet without any modifications or adjustments. Also, they are simple to install and even easier to remove; actually, you probably will not even require any technical assistance.


Promotes independence. It is exceptionally crucial for the disabled to maintain one’s dignity and independence. Therefore using a toilet seat lifter makes it extremely easy for some individuals to keep using the toilet with no direct support from their caregivers. Without the application of the electric commode, most individuals might find it rather difficult to get on and off the toilet without help. Most ambulatory or semi-ambulatory patients can remain home longer and actually enjoy their independence when using the bathroom because it is efficient and safe to use a toilet seat lifter by themselves or with minimal assistance.


Offers security. Toilet lift seaters are made to offer maximum and the most superior safety attributes for users. The safety concerns include falling or even other injuries; they are automatically prevented because the electric commode offers ample support during the sit-to-stand process while using the toilet. Also, it offers a gentle gliding motion that seats the patient and later smoothly raises the user from the seated position; they also offer surround grab bars for additional safety. The TA-electric Toilet also offers safety for the caregivers by keeping them from manually shifting or lifting the user on and off the toilet. The stability and safety that this product provides are advantageous to both the caregiver and the user.


Easy to use. The toilet seat lifter has an electrical mechanism in raising the toilet seats and is easily controlled by a power switch which can be simply operated using the user’s thumb. Suppose a caregiver’s help is needed; there are toilet seat lifters that provide handheld controllers which the caregiver can operate.


At Patient Handling, we are highly committed to providing the best product that will meet all your needs; let us help make life easier! We stock a wide variety of toilet seat lifters and other bathroom products, including  Bath AidsBath BoardsBathroom SeatingGrab Bars & RailsShower ChairsToilet AidsTransfer Benches

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Patient Handling is founded on a sound base of great staff, great products and great partners. We strive to put our clients needs above all else and focus on well thought out solutions for complex needs.

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