Meyra Nano X Rigid-Frame Active Folding Wheelchair


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This modern and highly adaptable chair is an excellent choice for a wide variety of medical conditions. The Nano X offers a smooth ride, quick adjustments and a low tare weight to encourage user independence. It is easy to service and low in maintenance with numerous colour options, offering plenty of choice and personalisation.


The Nano X’s open frame design means a clean, minimalistic look. The rigid frame design means less flex in the frame, making the chair easier to push and more responsive—perfect for sport. Rigid frame chairs are lighter too. With fewer parts such as crossbars and folding joints, the Nano is easier to put in the car yourself. Less moving parts in a rigid frame mean the Nano X won’t break easily—a tough chair for an active you!


Wouldn’t it be great if all your modes of transport just got along with each other? Good thing there’s the Nano X. The Nano X’s rigid frame design is lighter than a folding chair, so it’s easier to put in a car yourself. Transporting the Nano X is easy—just fold down the backrest and dismantle the detachable side panels and drive wheels—that’s it!

The compact frame fits just about anywhere in your car, even in a convertible!


Besides the standard drive wheels, the Xtrends Aktiv wheels are available in blue, red and gold. Lightweight magnesium wheels are available in metallic blue, red, orange, black and white.

Solid rubber castor wheels with aluminium rims are optionally available in trendy Xtrend colours. The frog legs are available in silver, black, orange, red, blue and white.


A whole range of frame colours lets you express yourself. Stick out or blend in—it’s up to you. Side panels and footplate are painted in frame colour, with an individual choice of colour available as an option.

Frame colours include Titanium grey, Silver metallic, Magic blue, Deep black, Matt black, Blue metallic, Red metallic, Signal white, Downtown grey, Magic blue matt, Blue metallic matt, Brown metallic matt, Red metallic matt, Signal white matt, Green metallic, Purple metallic, Copper metallic, Cross orange and Green metallic matt.


Nano X is stylish, sporty and compact. Designed with an open frame and clear lines, the minimalistic look doesn’t get in the way of your personal style.

Choose the colour of the frame, side panels, footrest and wheels.


Seat Width 320, 340, 360,380, 400, 420, 440, 460, 480 User weight (kg) 130
Width, ready to move 480, 500, 520, 540, 560, 580, 600, 620, 640, 660, 680 Empty weight (kg) From 9.5
Seat Depth 380 / 400 / 420 / 440 / 460 / 480 Permissible total weight 145
Seat Height front / rear 450 to 530 / 360 to 510 Transport weight 6.5
Back Height Variable from 250 to 450 + – 15 mm Drive wheel 600 (24″)
Length with footrest 720 – 920 Drive wheel 635 (25″)
Drive wheel 660 (26″)

Dimensions in mm, weights in kg, wheels in inches, speed in km/h, dimension tolerance ± 10 mm, Data subject to design changes

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