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The Advantage of Using a Ceiling Hoist for Caregivers

Selecting the right patient lifting equipment is one thing to consider when improving the comfort at the facility. Implementing a ceiling hoist will noticeably improve the comfort of the patients when being transferred from different locations, as well as being beneficial to caregivers when handling patients.

Molift Air Ceiling Hoist

Below are five advantages listed of using a ceiling hoist:


Implement a ceiling hoist into your facility for a quick and efficient way of moving patients. In comparison to other patient handling equipment, a ceiling hoist is not out of the way which prevents trips and falls for carers and patients. Once installed in the room, a caregiver can easily transport and move the patient at any moment. A ceiling hoist is available for installation at a healthcare facility and makes the handling of mobility-related issues easier for caregivers.


A ceiling hoist makes the repositioning and moving of a patient more comfortable. This equipment reduces the risk of injuries when handling patients since it is easy to monitor, and one caregiver can operate a ceiling hoist by themselves.

This ceiling hoist allows closer contact between patients and caregivers in comparison to mobile lifting equipment, due to its simple operation. A ceiling hoist quickly transfers a patient and moves the user in all directions with minimal effort from the caregiver.


It is essential in healthcare environments to utilise the space in the facility to make transitions and transfers quick and easy for the patient and the caregiver. With small bathrooms and patient rooms, a ceiling hoist is a beneficial solution to meet these requirements since it takes up no space at all. For moving and positioning patients, this equipment uses less operational space than mobile lifting equipment.


In comparison to other patient handling equipment, the ceiling hoist is mostly positively received for its safe and secure standards. It is installed to prevent sudden movement when transferring patients.

Ceiling hoists sometimes comes with soft start features which creates a safe and smooth lifting for the patient. The ceiling hoist allows caregivers the time to interact with the patient with only a controller to operate the ceiling hoist.


With a ceiling hoist installed at the facility, the caregiver no longer has to manoeuvre mobile lifting equipment when it is time to transfer the patient. For many caregivers, this procedure saves time and makes the moving process more manageable and effective. In comparison to mobile lifts, the process of moving a patient with a ceiling hoist is less physically demanding.

At Patient Handling, we offer a wide range of products, including ceiling hoists for the elderly and people with disabilities. If you are looking for high-quality ceiling track hoists, please have a look at our patient handling equipment for healthcare facilities and homes.

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