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Amputee Slings

Amputee slings are generally suitable for those with bilateral above-knee amputations. These slings provide entire body support either up to the shoulders or above the head. Amputee slings are also available for those with one above-knee amputation.

The specially designed style of the amputee sling provides additional support for the hip and pelvic region. Amputee Slings also reduce the aperture and thereby minimise the risk of the user slipping through the sling.

This style of sling may also suit users with impaired muscle tone, hip problems. An experienced therapist will best determine suitability. The main difference between a standard and an amputee sling is the anatomical padding and cut. The opening is also more narrow to provide secure support for the user. Most designs of these slings are designed to keep the legs separate and may also feature additional straps to prevent the legs from sliding out of position.

Some slings are fitted with a non-slip waist belt to provide extra trunk support where there is reduced muscle tone or stability.
Amputee slings may be a suitable alternative where there is an increased tendency to slide out of other types of slings.

These slings are used with a patient lifter or a ceiling hoist system. This method of patient handling provides a safe and secure transfer for both the caregiver and the user. Patient Lifters and Ceiling Hoists are designed to assist the user to transfer from a seated or lying position. Transfers most commonly include from a bed, wheelchair, commode, toilet and the floor.

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