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Molift products are known for their simple and innovative design, quality, reliability and functionality. Using only the highest quality production methods and materials, Molift hoists and slings are designed with the end user in mind. With both medical and rehabilitation specialists, industrial designers and clients being involved in the design, architecture and testing of the product to ensure that only the most functional, reliable and ergonomic product is produced. This careful crafting and design ensures the comfort, safety and overall well-being of the user which has been recognised and rewarded around the globe through a number of design and product awards both throughout Scandinavia and Internationally.

The purity and direction of the Molift product is obvious through the Mission Statement of Etac – Molift, which guides both the design and service of the company:

“Everyone should be able to live a free and independent life and pursue their dreams regardless of any physical circumstances.”


    • How do I choose the right lifter for my requirements?

      The first place to start is to be clear on what kind of lift is required.  There are three categories Total Assist Equipment, Moderate Assist Equipment, and Lateral Transfer Devices. 

    • What is the difference between a sit to stand lifter and a sling lifter?

      A sit to stand lifter, like the Quickraiser, is used for persons who are able to weight bear. A sling lifter is designed for people who are unable to participate in the transfer and cannot weight bear.

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