Meyra XXL & XXL HD Bariatric Power Wheelchair


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The Meyra XXL and XXL HD don’t back down.

Built to move users up to 200 kg (XXL) or 250 kg (XXL HD), with a great stable and sturdy design, the XXL and XXL HD are tough.

Thanks to the power tilt-in-space and recline function, as well as the choice of powered separate or centre mounted footrests, you can be tough and comfortable.


The XXL & XXL HD are perfect bariatric wheelchairs—taking a user weight of up to 200 kg for the XXL model and a user weight of up to 250 kg for the XXL HD.

The XXL & XXL HD’s powerful motors mean you won’t sacrifice speed and mobility. Choose from either 2 x 300W motors or 2 x 350W motors to power you through your day.


Get the pressure relief you need with the XXL & XXL HD’s 18° power seat tilt and 50° power backrest recline.

Tilt and recline systems have numerous health benefits, including reducing the risk of pressure injuries, reducing shear force on the base of the spine, oedema management, easier transfers and reduction of fatigue.

A tilt and recline system makes you more comfortable and reduces back pain, meaning you can be more productive and get more out of your day.


With the XXL & XXL HD’s rear wheel drive configuration, you don’t need to worry about what’s happening behind you, as most of the chair is directly below or in front.

Rear-wheel drive chairs have a smooth ride thanks to larger casters.

Rear-wheel drive chairs have the highest top speed of all configurations, and are easier to handle at higher speeds.


The XXL & XXL HD are built from reinforced components for strength, and stability, with a wide range of standard and power options.

Meyra give you lots of option too, such as the power tilt-in-space and recline function, as well as the choice of powered separate or centre mounted footrests.

Tough but comfortable.


The XXL & XXL HD’s LED lighting system means you can light your way, night or day.

LEDs are bright, long lasting and power efficient, so they won’t drain your battery.

A power chair lighting system improves visibility, both for yourself and others, giving you a safer ride.


Make the XXL & XXL HD your own!

There’s five frame and accent colours to choose from: polar white, magic blue, red metallic, lemon reflex and sun yellow.

The colour accented sections are the seat tubes, back tubes, side panels, two piece legrest and rim inserts.


Seat width 530 – 700
Seat depth 430 – 600
Back rest height 530 – 570
Leg length adjustment 370 – 510
Armrest height adjustment 170 – 280
Front seat height options

(with /without cushion)

420 – 470 / 460 – 560 / 530 – 630
Length with footrests 1,150
Length without footrests 850
Width overall 670
Height without headrest 1,020 – 1,150
Transport length 850
Transport height minimum 650
Front wheel size 260 x 70 (10“ x 2 3/4”)
Rear wheel size 356 x 75 (14“ x 3”)
Max. obstacle height 60
Turning radius 950
Driving range with 70ah batteries 30 – 35
Empty transport weight min. approx. 130 kg
Client weight max XL / XXL 200 kg / 250 kg
Driving speeds 6 kmh /10 kmh
Motor options 2 x 300W / 2 x 350W
Driving range max. 35 km
Permitted gradient 13 %
Electric tilt-in-space 0° to +18°
Mechanical tilt-in-space 0° to +10°
Power backrest recline -10° to +50°
Mechanical backrest recline -10° to +30°

Dimensions in mm, Weights in kg, Speed in km/h, Tolerance ± 10 mm

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