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4 Reasons Why A Lift Chair is A Must for Elderly Independent Living

Disability Equipment

Are you finding it difficult to stand up once seated down? Or are times when you have a hard time walking up the stairs becoming more and more common?

Nearly half of all Australians over the age of 75 suffer from some disability, and many of these are related to stiffness in muscles and joints. Traumas from accidents may also lead you to experiences similar types of pains.

What is a Lift Chair?

If the comfort of your home is a priority; investing in a lift chair might be a good idea. The chair is designed to assist when a person is going from a seated to standing position.

It works by rising and tilting forward and reduces the hard work when the user is bending down to sit and pushing off when standing up again. With the help of a button, the user can lower and raise the chair.

There are two types of lift chairs available. The two-position lift chairs can go into two positions, reclined slightly and tilt forward. The three-position lift chair gives the option to go in both positions as well as recline completely for sleeping.

We have outlined the top four reasons why a wheelchair will be beneficial for the elderly independent living.

1. Safety

For many elderly, the task of getting up and down from a chair can be a struggle, and in some cases, it can even create a risk for injuries. With a lift chair, the risk of strains is minimised and makes the daily living a lot easier.

With a lift chair assisting in the process of standing and sitting down, this facilitates the work of the carer as well. During lifts and transfers, the carer is also at risk for strains or injuries, so with a lift chair that risk reduces immensely.

2. Therapeutic

For those suffering from muscle and joint stiffness, a lift chair may even be beneficial in reducing some of the pain. Several of the lift chairs produced today have massage or heating options installed to make the user feel more relaxed.

A lift chair may also be beneficial if you are recovering from a surgery or injury, as it helps reach independence faster.

Pride 3 Position Lift Recliner Chair

Pride 3 Position Lift Recliner Chair

3. Circulation

The lift chair promotes blood circulation through the option to elevate your legs and get the blood flowing. Besides this, the chair may help reduce swelling caused by fluid retention.

4. Sleeping option

As mentioned earlier, the three-positioned chairs enables the user to recline fully. If the stairs are difficult to make one night, or if the day requires an afternoon nap, the lift chair can function as a bed.

When considering investing in a lift chair, it is crucial to find a chair that suits your particular needs. Whether you need it for sleeping or sitting only, finding the perfect chair for you is necessary to get all of the benefits from it. Not to mention, finding the chair that is most comfortable and appealing for you!

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