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Great living aids that will support your independent living

When your body is less agile, muscles stiff or joints
begin to ache, simple tasks can be more difficult. Therefore it can be more
challenging to go about your normal daily activities independently, whether the limited mobility comes from disability, age or chronic pain.

Living aids are beneficial for people who want some assistance
when doing daily tasks. They simplify the process of a simple task by
decreasing any strain on your body, such as getting in and out of the car
safety or opening a bottle. There are many different daily living aids to help
support your independent living.

Here are our top five daily living aids that we think
could help you in your everyday life.

Handy Bar – Car Transfer Bar 

Getting in and out of a car can sometimes be hard if you
have limited mobility. The handles in many cars are not always placed in a
great area and, they are not so stable to rely on.

The Handybar is a portable handle which helps people get
in and out of their car safely. Due to its leverage point. That creates
stability and reduce the amount of exertion as well as the risk of injury.

More info about Handybar here.


Grabbing or picking something up when you have reduced
mobility can both be hard and painful. Reachers are a great living aid that
allows you to pick up items easily.

The Handi-Reacher is an ultra-lightweight and robust
reacher that will assist with retrieving or reaching things while at home, in
the garden or when shopping. There is also the Combi Reacher Long 80cm, that
has a head that revolves 360, minimising the need to swivel the wrist and cause
potential pain.

More info about the Handi reacher and The Combi reacher
Long 80 cm here. 


One Touch Opener

We know how annoying opening a jar can be, a struggle!
Opening cans, jars and bottles require a good grip and a solid twisting motion,
and if you have limited mobility, it can be difficult.

Our One Touch Bottle, Can and Jar Opener will open
persistent lids for you with just the touch of a button. These innovative hands-free
one touch openers with its ergonomic fit suits most hands sizes. No longer do
you need to ask anyone to open a can or bottle for you because these products
will help you and support your independent living.

Homecraft Kitchen Work Station

When in the kitchen, it could be great to get some extra
assistance when chopping or slicing. The Homecraft Kitchen Work Station is a
tough, durable chopping board that features a removable grate and slicer with a protective cover. Making your experience in the kitchen easier and with minimal waste and mess. There is also the Homecraft Food Preparation System, designed for people who have difficulty in gripping or only have the use of one hand.

More info about the Homecraft Kitchen aids here.

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