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The Benefits Of Medical Sheepskin Explained

Daily Living Aids

Pressure sores are easy to prevent, both in-home and at hospitals and aged care facilities. Still, they are widespread amongst people who spend all day seated or laying down.

What is the solution?

Sheepskin is known for distributing weight evenly and can help with taking the pressure off certain areas of your body. If you’re experiencing pain from sitting or laying down for extended amounts of time, it might be a solution for you.

Pressure relief

A medical sheepskin pad can help relieve pressure and swelling you’re experiencing from being stationary a long time. Having a sheepskin pad for your chair or bed can immensely increase the quality of your life.

Absorbs moisture

Another benefit of medical sheepskin is its ability to absorb moisture that sometimes builds up from laying down or sitting too long, and in the long run, creates a pressure sore. Medical sheepskin helps you feel fresh and clean throughout the day.

The wool can hold a third of its weight in water without feeling wet and therefore makes it ideal for moisture absorption.


Temperature regulation

Since sheepskin is very breathable, it is ideal for a full nights sleep feeling cool and calm. Due to the fibres in the un-spun wool, the sheepskin has an efficient airflow and works just as well in warm weather as cold. A study made by the University of Sydney shows that people sleeping under sheepskin had a better and longer sleep than those who slept without. Essentially, it helps to regulate your body temperature to what is most comfortable for you.


The outer layer of protein on the fibre of the wool makes it smooth and favour movement and comfort for the user.

Are you looking for some Shear comfort?


At Patient Handling, we have a whole range of medical sheepskin products from overlays to sheepskin cleaning products.

The Shear Comfort Standard Overlay

Shear Comfort Standard Overlay


The overlay can easily be transported and designed to fit a chair, bed or car seat. The Shear Comfort Overlay minimise pressure-related discomfort and reduce shear and friction. It is moisture-resistant and machine washable.

Shear Comfort Sheepskin Wrap Around Boot


Shear Comfort Sheepskin Wrap Around Boot

If you’re suffering from swelling feet, this Sheepskin boot is for you. It is soft, comfortable and great for those who are active.

Have a look at our range of sheepskin products here to find your best fit!

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