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Equipment for Muscular Dystrophy from a clients perspective

Manual Handling

My name is Himanshu. I am 37 yrs old and have a rare muscular dystrophy (LGMD2B). It has been an ongoing challenge over last 15 years, although I am fortunate to receive a lot of help from family, relatives and friends.

Over time, my need for assistive devices has increased and I have now progressed from using a crutch to using a wheelchair almost fulltime.

With this type of muscular dystrophy, one develops progressive weakness in calf, thigh muscles. Similarly, the biceps and forearm muscles also weaken as time progresses. This make transfers to/from sitting position very very very (notice the repetition) difficult.

It was roughly 3 to 4 years ago that my father came across a product advertised on Patient Handling website. This was the TA office chair. This chair has the unique ability to electronically elevate up and down in addition to serving a typical chair. We made an appointment and trialled this chair at Patient Handling’s store and immediately liked it. They happened to have stock, so we could purchase one on the spot.

Fast forward to roughly a couple of months ago, my NDIS plan was approved. By that time, my forearms and legs had further weakened and transferring myself in/out of toilets (despite using an elevated frame) was becoming difficult. We approached Patient Handling, who were generous enough to bring over another product (TA shower and toilet commode) for trial. This was similar to the electronically elevating chair; except that it could be used on a toilet and in the shower.

I don’t think any number of paragraphs can express the enormous difference both these products have made in my daily life. Basic tasks that I took for granted (e.g. transferring, going to the toilet) that had become stressfully difficult – are now once again “basic” tasks as they should be. Patient Handling played a key role throughout this in ensuring the product was fit for my needs, providing advice and promptly addressing any queries.

I recently faced a another challenge using toilets at my workplace and this time it was a no-brainer to approach Patient Handling. They trialled a couple of options at my workplace, were understanding of my situation and were happy to come and install it in advance (given that my work had given the verbal OK for it).

The staff at Patient Handling are warm, deeply caring of their customers, empathetic and organised. It’s those things that have now made them my primary go-to folks for advice when it comes to assistive devices.

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