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How to use a Slide Sheet

We recommend that you seek accredited manual handling training to ensure carers correctly utilise slide sheets when repositioning patients.
Slide Sheets are incredibly useful and incredibly easy to use; they are designed to be used to aid with the movement and transfer of a patient, and to eliminate the need for lifting a patient. This ensures that the transfer is easier, safer and more comfortable; for both the carer and the patient.

5 Easy Steps On How To Use Slide Sheets

  1. Safely roll the patient over to one side.
  2. Place the slide sheets together. flat on the bed parallel to the bed sheets.
  3. Roll the patient back on their back, and repeat on the other side.
  4. Pick up the top slide sheet by the sides and use it to move the patient. The top slide sheet slides against the bottom slide sheet, and creates a smooth and easy transfer for both the patient and the carer.
  5. You can now slide the patient, left to right, and forward and back with ease.

A Few Tips To Use Slide Sheets

Slide Sheets can be used singly (folded in half) or one sheet placed on top of another – the decision for this depends on the length of the transfer and the size of the sheet.

At all times, it is recommended that at least two carers are present to perform patient transfers. For sideways transfers place open ended folded sheet towards the patient and place under the patient at least from hip to shoulder. Pull in the direction of the open end.

Warning: slide sheeets are slippery, so please perform transfers slowly making sure the patient’s head does not hit the top of the bed.

How To Use A Slide Sheet Instructional Video

We've put together a short video to demonstrate how easy and effective Slide Sheets are to use

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