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How to use a Walk Belt

The Walk Belt is a padded belt designed to enable one or two carers to assist a patient in sit-to-stand and walking. The innovative design feature cut-away front handles to maximise patient comfort. A buckle fastening allows easy tightening of the belt upon standing.

This is a guide only. We recommend you consult with your manual handling co-ordinator and/or your back care specialist.

Fitting The Walk Belt

  1. With the patient seated in front of you, slide the buckles on each of the webbing straps to a large enough setting to clasp around the patient.
  2. Lean the patient forward, place the belt behind their back and fasten in front of the patient.
  3. Pull the adjusting straps simultaneously to tighten the belt.

From Sit-To-Stand With Two Carers

  1. With one carer standing on either side of the patient, have the patient sit with their feet apart.
  2. Position the carers feet to block the patients feet from the front and their knees bent to block the patients knees.
  3. The carers should also maintain good upright posture with natural back curvature.
  4. The carers each hold both handles on their respective sides of the patient.
  5. When ready to transfer, both carers should make eye contact.
  6. One carer should take the lead and count in.
  7. Lean the patient forward to the “nose over toes’ position.
  8. Both carers then straighten their legs to stand whilst keeping their arms locked.
  9. This should be one fluid motion.

Walking With A Patient

  1. With the right arm behind the patients back, the carer’s right hand holds the handle on the patient’s right side.
  2. The carers left hand holds the left handle and both hands pull outwards from the centre of the patient’s back.
  3. The carer must, when required. move their feet and body weight to counter that of the patient’s.

More On Using Walk Belts

  • Before using check the patient can lean forward to a “nose over toes’ position – this ensures they can bear weight when standing and assist with the transfer.
  • Before attempting a transfer you must explain clearly to the patient how you intend to perform the transfer.


How To Use A Walk Belt Instructional Video

We've put together a short video to demonstrate how to use the Walk Belt:

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