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NDIS Case Studies #2


Samuel is a young boy who has been utilising the NDIS for the past 2 years.

Goal: increase verbal communication skills

NDIS has allowed Samuel’s parents, Kerrie and Michael, to choose and tailor the necessary supports to suit Samuel’s needs. This included engaging in services such as speech, occupational and physio therapy as well as an educator to enable him to participate in typical activities suitable for his age group such as communicating with his peers.

The NDIS has helped through supporting Samuel’s development and participation but also the whole family unit. With tailored supports for Samuel, Kerrie has been able to focus on her studies and her entire family.


“Now, Samuel loves starting conversations at home and at school. He’s making new friends and is happier than ever.” – Kerrie

“Our NDIS experience has been great. Samuel has come such a long way and he’s doing really well, and the peace of mind the NDIS gives you is just fantastic” – Kerrie

“The NDIS has not only supported Samuel’s development and participation, it’s strengthened our whole family. It’s empowered me to focus on all of my kids as well as my studies.” – Kerrie


Quang is a young man who has a passion for technology which has allowed him to advocate to improve public transport for people with disability.

Goal 1: Increase engagement within the community

Goal 2: Becoming a disability transport spokesperson

NDIS enables Quang to increase his participation within his community through utilising a support worker to travel with him. The NDIS has also helped his dream of becoming a disability transport spokesperson through increasing and building his presentation skills.


“I am trying to improve my life and the lives of other people with disability.”

“I’m looking forward to moving out of my parent’s house and starting my own business that teaches people with disability how to use transport so they will have more independence and can find jobs.”

“The support I receive from the NDIS is helping me achieve these goals.”

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