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NDIS Home Modification Guide

What are NDIS Home Modifications?

NDIS home modifications are beneficial supports that can provide participants with peace of mind, accessibility, and confidence in their ability to live well within their residence. NDIS home modifications are adjustments to the construction (e.g., layout, fittings) of a participant’s home that allow them to securely access and move around in areas they frequent.

If you meet the following criteria, home modifications may be included in your plan:

● You or your caregivers demonstrate difficulty accessing common rooms/spaces, within your primary residence

● A qualified Occupational Therapist has conducted a home assessment and recommended home modifications

For more information regarding the specifications as they relate to NDIS home modifications, reference the NDIS Home Modifications Operational Guidelines. Check out Providing Home Modifications on the NDIS website to schedule an NDIS home modifications assessment, download an NDIS home modifications assessment template, or seek an NDIS home modifications quote.


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Types of NDIS Home Modifications

Home modification type is determined by various factors, including:

● The complexity of the installation

● Component areas affected (e.g., dwelling access/entrance, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.)

● Cost of labour and parts

● Duration of work

● Level of certification required from contractors

Simple home modifications are inexpensive and easily accessible, including equipment such as grab rails and mounted shower chairs.

Minor home modifications will require professional installation but are typically non-structural and fairly inexpensive.

Complex home modifications are usually more costly, create a higher level of risk, and always involve structural changes.


Determining if Your NDIS Home Modifications are Covered

Participants may request NDIS home modifications funding via the capital budget account within their NDIS plan.

To grant funding, the NDIS requires an NDIS home modifications assessment to be conducted by a licensed Occupational Therapist, to determine the necessity for the modifications. The assessment is conducted upon the design and completion of the modification installation.

Additionally, the requested supports must meet the reasonable and necessary criteria depicted in the NDIA Act of 2013, specifically section 34 (1)(a)-(f) 2013. For more information, review the Supports for Participant Rules. The NDIA specifically considers whether proposed NDIS home modifications:

● Are cost efficient, meaning they represent greater value when compared to lower cost alternatives

● Provide value through longevity, meaning the supports are built to last and provide value over time

NDIS home modifications with estimated costs greater than $15,000 will require the participant to submit a quote prior to initiating the construction. NDIS home modifications with estimated costs greater than $30,000 will require the participant to engage an NDIS Registered Building Works Project Manager (BWPM). Your BWPM can assist in hiring builders, consulting suppliers, and designing the implementation of your supports.


NDIS Home Modifications Providers

NDIS home modifications providers offer cost effective solutions to Australians with significant impairments preventing them from carrying out basic day to day activities. NDIS home modifications providers can help NDIS participants by modifying their home environment to maximise their independence and safety.


Additional Resources

Patient Handling, Australia’s leading supplier of disability and mobility aids, is a registered NDIS provider. Patient Handling offers a variety of NDIS approved products, such as:

Patient Handling can help you understand the benefits of NDIS home modifications and connect you with additional resources. You can contact Patient Handling by calling 1300 734 862.

Check out the Patient Handling blog to “Understand the NDIS and How You Can Benefit From It.” For more details on product coverage, read “What Mobility and Transfer Products Are Covered by NDIS.”


Further Assistance

For more information about NDIS service agreements, visit the NDIS Website or contact NDIS support at 1800 800 110 (Operating Hours: 8am – 8pm, Monday to Friday). If you require additional assistance, please contact myGov support or call 1300 169 486 (Operating Hours: 7am – 10pm, Monday to Friday and 10am – 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays AEST).

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