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NDIS Guide

Within this section you will find a selection of useful articles.  These articles are designed to help you to navigate your way through the NDIS.

What is NDIS Self Management?

 NDIS self management is an option for patients, or family members, seeking to take on the responsibilities associated with managing their National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan. Daily NDIS self-management tasks may include:  
  • Administrative work and organization (i.e., record keeping, invoice tracking) 
  • Budgeting and allocating funds 
  • Paying bills and invoices 
  • Providing documentation (e.g., invoices, receipts) for payment audits 
  • Scheduling/Booking provider services 
  • Drafting...
NDIS Self Management for Your Funds & Useful Tips

What are NDIS Home Modifications?

NDIS home modifications are beneficial supports that can provide participants with peace of mind, accessibility, and confidence in their ability to live well within their residence. NDIS home modifications are adjustments to the construction (e.g., layout, fittings) of a participant's home that allow them to securely access and move around in areas they frequent. If you meet the following criteria, home modifications may be included in your plan: ● You or your caregivers demonstrate difficulty accessing...
NDIS Home Modification Guide

What is the NDIS Cancellation Policy?

According to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), “a cancellation is a short notice cancellation if the participant: does not show up for a scheduled support within a reasonable time, or is not present at the agreed place and within a reasonable time when the provider is travelling to deliver the support; or has given less than seven (7) clear business days’ notice for any other support.” To summarize, the NDIS Cancellation Policy says that a cancellation is deemed a short notice cance...
2022/2023 NDIS Cancellation Policy – Providers & Participants

What is the NDIS Independent Assessment?

NDIS Independent Assessments were once proposed by the government to determine the functional capacities of disabled persons. These NDIS Independent Assessments were led by government-contracted allied health professionals, assigned at random to the NDIS participant. The findings of an NDIS Independent Assessment were in turn used to determine the level of funding the disabled person might qualify for. These NDIS Independent Assessments were originally rationalised to provide a standardised methodolo...
NDIS Independent Assessment – Access & Eligibility Policy 

What is an NDIS Service Agreement?

An NDIS service agreement is a contract between you, as the participant, and your provider. The NDIS service agreement is used to outline expectations from both parties. Every NDIS service agreement is covered by Australian Consumer Law.   It is important to acknowledge that participants must enact an NDIS service agreement in order to receive Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) supports within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS service agreement must align with the NDIS Act of ...
NDIS Service Agreement: What They Are & Benefits
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Practice Standard was developed to provide governance and oversight over the quality and safety of services offered to disabled participants. The NDIS Practice Standard provides a continuously improving framework, which outlines the following: ● Quality indicators and safety requirements ● Performance Assessments ● Certifications The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Code of Conduct accompanies the NDIS Practice Standard by outlining requirements for registered NDIS service p...
NDIS Practice Standards, Quality Indicators, Your Rights & Responsibilities
The NDIS support coordination program was developed to help participants make the best use out of their NDIS plans. Through NDIS support coordination, participants are able to find a better understanding of what NDIS can offer them and how the NDIS can support their goals.    An NDIS support coordinator can help you connect with the right providers within your local community and government. Support coordination provides participants with the confidence and skills to efficiently address their needs.   

Types of NDIS Support Coordina...

NDIS Support Coordination

What is NDIS Plan Management?

 National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Plan Management is a service that allows a provider, also known as an NDIS plan manager, to support and manage the funding of your NDIS plan. Alternatively, participants may have the option to opt into National Disability Insurance Association (NDIA) managed funding or may select a self-managed plan.    
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NDIS Plan Management & Connecting With A Plan Manager
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) connects disabled persons with community providers, sporting clubs, support groups, and education facilities.  The NDIS portal, commonly referred to as the MyPlace portal, is a government-operated platform that provides participants secure access to manage NDIS plans, schedule service appointments, complete payments, and more. Participants can also opt to extend access to their personal portal to a trusted peer, a “nominee,” or a child representative.   

Recent Updates

 Recent ...
Learn About The NDIS Portal 

The NDIS eligibility and criteria are designed to ensure that people with disability have access to the appropriate levels of support and services. The NDIS aims to assist people with significant and permanent disabilities who need assistance in their daily lives, by providing them with the necessary level of support. The Australian Government is providing record funding to the NDIS as more people with a significant and permanent disability benefit from the scheme. In the 2021‑22 Budget, the Government announced an additional $13.2 billion ...

NDIS Eligibility, Conditions and Criteria

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