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NDIS Service Agreement: What They Are & Benefits

What is an NDIS Service Agreement?

An NDIS service agreement is a contract between you, as the participant, and your provider. The NDIS service agreement is used to outline expectations from both parties. Every NDIS service agreement is covered by Australian Consumer Law. 

 It is important to acknowledge that participants must enact an NDIS service agreement in order to receive Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) supports within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS service agreement must align with the NDIS Act of 2013 and the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. 

 Creating an NDIS service agreement typically requires you to negotiate with your provider, however, appointed family members or guardians may negotiate on your behalf if you so choose. Providers are expected to help you and your family understand the terms of your agreement. 


Why do I need an NDIS Service Agreement?

 Although participants are not required to negotiate NDIS service agreements with their providers, it is highly recommended! Creating an NDIS service agreement can help participants manage their NDIS budget, understand service expectations, and provide protection in the event of a dispute. 


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How do I create an NDIS Service Agreement?

Step one, reach out to your provider to inform them that you would like to work out an NDIS service agreement. In some instances, providers may be able to provide participants with an NDIS service agreement template. If your provider doesn’t have a standard NDIS service agreement template that they use, participants are free to create their own. 

 Navigate to Brevity to download an official NDIS service agreement template free of charge. 

Once the template has been prepared, the participant can prompt the provider to fill out and complete the document accordingly. The provider is expected to provide precise details regarding exactly what service they agree to deliver to the participant. Upon completion, the provider will send the NDIS service agreement back to the participant for review.  

 Be sure to take a careful look over your agreement and only sign it once you are completely comfortable with the contents. 


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Considerations for Creating Your NDIS Service Agreement

The NDIS Service Agreement is intended to serve you and provide a concrete outline of what you can expect from your provider, so consider the following when drafting your NDIS Service Agreement:  

  • Understand what supports are being provided 
  • Explain support delivery processes 
  • Acknowledge the cost of each support 
  • Notate the responsibilities of the provider 
  • Define the responsibilities of the participant 
  • Include the length of the agreement 
  • Set terms for making changes to the agreement 
  • Describe resolution procedures in the event of a disagreement 

 Visit the NDIS website to download an NDIS Service Agreement checklist, Things to Think About When Making a Service Agreement. 


Additional Resources

 Patient Handling, Australia’s leading supplier of disability and mobility aids, is a registered NDIS provider. Patient Handling can help you understand the benefits of the NDIS service agreement and connect you with additional resources. You can contact Patient Handling by calling 1300 734 862. 

 Check out the Patient Handling blog to “Understand the NDIS and How You Can Benefit From It.” For more details on product coverage, read “What Mobility and Transfer Products Are Covered by NDIS.” 


Further Assistance

 For more information about NDIS service agreements, visit the NDIS Website or contact NDIS support at 1800 800 110 (Operating Hours: 8am – 8pm, Monday to Friday). If you require additional assistance, please contact myGov support or call at 1300 169 486 (Operating Hours: 7am – 10pm, Monday to Friday and 10am – 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays AEST). 

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