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Patient Portable Hoists

A travel hoist is a portable patient lifting device which is foldable to make it easily transported. This kind of hoist makes it possible to travel by car, train and cruise ship. Plane travel also becomes possible when the hoist is secured in its travel case. Travel hoists are light enough to be pulled along on its castors and folding and unfolding are simple, without the use of tools. The design of the lifter makes it possible for one carer to set up and pack away the unit. All the functions and features are the same as a standard portable hoist. A user is still able to be transferred and lifted using the same techniques. Safe Working Load is not compromised. Coming in at 150 kg, a travel hoist is capable of lifting most users. Aside from its portability, travel hoists are usually smaller in size and footprint, making it a useful unit in tight and confined spaces. Also suited to the homecare environment, a travel hoist can be easily stowed in a cupboard. This reduces floor clutter so that carers can move more freely around a room. The lifter should only be used for transfers across short distances, such as between a chair and a bed or into the bathroom / restroom. The lifter is not intended to transport the user over longer distances.

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