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Tripsafe Cable Covers

Tripsafe is a brand of cable covers that are designed to protect people from tripping over cables and cords that are laid on the floor. These cable covers are typically made of a durable, slip-resistant material such as rubber or hard-wearing fabric, and come in a variety of options to accommodate different settings. These cable covers are intended to improve the safety of the environment and can be easily placed over existing cables to conceal them and reduce the risk of tripping.

Tripsafe Cable Covers

TripSafe is an Australian owned and operated business, founded in 2003, it is Australia’s leading manufacturer of safety cable covers, floor cord protectors and electrical cable holders. Each year thousands of injuries are sustained due to slips, trips and falls around the home and workplace. These injuries can cost the individual, their family, and their employer ongoing costs financially, emotionally and in reduced working capabilities. TripSafe products aim to make the home, office and workplace environment safer by reducing the potential trip hazards of cables, corners and unbalanced surfaces.  TripSafe offers a large variety of options for their products, including carpets, hard floors and tiling enabling multiple uses and the reduction of hazards across a large number of environments. Ultimately, TripSafe work towards ensuring both tidying and taming of any cables and wiring that may cause injury due to slips, trips or tangling.

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