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Rollators & Walkers

Rollators, sometimes known as walkers, rolling walkers or mobility walkers come in many shapes, sizes, styles and weights. Choosing the best walker for you can be a challenge but with Patient Handling's wide range of rollators you are sure to find the right one for your needs. The primary considerations when choosing a rollator are:

Height - How high does the rollator need to be to be comfortable and safe to use.

Weight - Do I need a light weight walker ie: will I need to lift it at any stage?

Size of wheels - Larger wheels mean less friction and a smoother "ride" but can reduce turning clearance.

And price of course! - Do I want the latest and greatest or am I looking for a good balance of economy, function and style? 

At Patient Handling's Sydney showroom we have a range of rollators from the economy level lightweight rollator from Peak Care through to the carbon fibre ultra-lightweight Ellipse rollator.  If you are in need of a rollator check out our range. If you can't make it to our Marrickville showroom, we deliver all over Australia.  

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