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What is the NDIS?

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a national scheme designed to provide targeted support and access to services for people living with disabilities. NDIS offers a funding package to eligible participants increasing their choice and control allowing them to choose the services and help they require. This allows participants to have their own NDIS plan that highlights the goals they want to achieve, the support that can be funded by NDIS and any additional support the individual requires. The participants will choose the providers they engage with and can change providers at any time.

Patient Handling is a registered NDIS Provider under the scheme. We work closely with our clients, their families, therapist and NDIS case managers to achieve results that enhance quality of life.
Our Ceiling Hoists, Molift Patient Lifters, TA Power Wheelchairs and range of independent, daily living products such as easy reachers, shower chairs and rollators have all been provided to participants under the NDIS.

The NDIS Process
1. Check eligibility using the NDIS Access Checklist
2. Complete an Access Request Form
3. Meet with the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) planner for initial planning and assessment
4. A plan detailing level of support and funding is prepared
5. Participants can review and provide feedback on the plan
6. Plan is approved and finalised by the NDIA
7. Participants are able to choose provider to provide support and services

NDIS First Plan
What is the first plan?
The first plan aims to provide support and assistance that the NDIS participant currently needs as well as any additional supports for the participant’s unmet needs and goals. Through the first plan, participants will be provided with individualised funding, which the participants can control and choose how best to utilise it.
When it is time for participants to move into the NDIS, a NDIS representative will contact them, their family or carer, by phone or letter to confirm eligibility for the Scheme and arrange to discuss the first plan.
Preparing for the First Plan
The participant should collect information such as reports, assessments, current plans, to take along to the first planning meeting.
Additionally, if the participant currently receives disability support from the NSW government, the participant will then receive a client dossier which contains the latest reports/ information which can be taken along to the meeting.

Reviewing the Plan
The plan will be reviewed with the participant every 12 months to see how the goals are progressing and ensuring that the participant is receiving the necessary supports. If the participant’s personal circumstances have changed significantly, affecting the support required form the NDIS, the participant can request a plan review at any time through completing the change of circumstances forms. More information can be found here

To find out if the NDIS is right for you, click on the following link: Am I eligible for the NDIS





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