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NDIS Case Studies #1


At age 39, Tania suffered from a stroke and as she recovered she was confined to her rehabilitation bed in an aged care facility for three years, away from her family and community.

Goal 1: Using an electric wheelchair

Goal 2: Reunite with husband and daughter

NDIS has helped through Tania accessing and using an electric wheelchair to help her engage in her daily occupations. Tania’s NDIS funding has also allowed her to move back home and live with her family through choosing personalised supports and equipment. Through the NDIS Tania has been able to re-claim her life and helped her pursue a career in educating Aboriginal people about the NDIS.


“The NDIS has absolutely changed my life for the better.”

“I am now back living and receiving support in my own home, surrounded by my family.”


The University of Sydney initiative, uni 2 beyond, allows Karim to study at subjects of his choice at university.

Goal 1: Attend university to complete studies

Goal 2: Running workshops as a disability advocate for staff within the corporate sector

NDIS helped Karim to employ the right supports for him to help him travel to and from university allowing him to continue enjoying his studies.


“I’m looking forward to the NDIS helping me achieve all my goals, not only at uni, but also to expand my mico-business so that one day I can have my dream job.”

“The NDIS gives me the support I’ll need to achieve these goals.”


Siobhan is a teenager who has been self-managing her NDIS plans for four years.

Goal 1: Move out of home when she is 22

Goal 2: Complete for Australia in Boccia at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

Through the NDIS Siobhan can employ support workers and access support to help her when she moves out: increasing her independence and engagement within the community. This has also allowed Caroline, Siobhan’s mum to reduce her carer role, building strong family relationships.


“The NDIS has helped me be more independent and do more of what I love” – Siobhan

“I have a big interest in technology, and thanks to NDIS support, I’ve recently secured my first job as a peer mentor for people who use alternative communication, like me.” – Siobhan

“She has so much more confidence and the more independent she becomes, the closer we’ve become.” – Caroline

“It’s often been a struggle to get the right support, but Siobhan’s NDIS plan has changed our family for the better.” – Caroline

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