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Home Care vs. Nursing Home: How to Evaluate the Best Option For Your Needs

Choosing a Care Facility

When the time comes for deciding whether to stay home or to leave the familiarity of the abode and find residence somewhere else, there are several things to take into consideration. In-home care and nursing homes both have their pros and cons, so we’ve created a quick guide to help you make the best choice for yourself or a loved one.

How much help do you require?

Deciding how much help and assistance the person in question needs can determine whether a nursing home would be beneficial or not. If the main requirement is to have a companion or part-time help around the house with daily aids and activities, to stay at home might be the better option.

Nursing homes enables full-time access to medical assistance, on-site help and planned meals and activities. In other words, the decision to move away from home relieves the pressure of independence.

Is in-home care the option for you?

There are certain things to expect from in-home care if you decide to stay. The assistance varies from a few hours every week to 24-hour service. It is essential to keep in mind that it is quite costly for a lot of in-home care as hospice or similar health services usually provide this service. This would be an ideal option for seniors wanting to grow older in the safety and comfort of their home. Family and friends need to decide whether a caregiver or an agency is the better choice for in-home care. An agency is usually beneficial to avoid having to do background checks and managing the financial aspects.

Those who decide to go with in-home care will usually make this choice for the independence and the possibility to be surrounded by family. Some suggest the life quality increases by being able to stay home.

Is a nursing home for you?

A nursing home might be the best option if the person in question requires full-time help and assistance. Most seniors prefer facilities where there is staff on-site around the clock and immediate help if needed. Often nursing homes hold activities for the residents, such as games, fitness and entertainment. Even advanced health services for specific medical issues, such as Alzheimer’s, may be provided and makes a facility as such ideal for seniors in this condition.

Nursing homes often offer private spaces, although fully private rooms are a bit more costly. On-site cooking and pets are usually not allowed, but on the other hand, the facility helps with daily tasks such as laundry, cleaning, and providing meals.

Take the time to decide what the best option for you or your loved one is, to ensure the ideal situation when growing old. In the long run, happiness and life quality is the most crucial factor when making a choice. Make sure to receive the right medical assistance and go through all available options.

Check-in with your doctor if you’re unsure, they can assist you in the decision making and help you make the best choice for you.

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