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How to Choose The Right Pressure Sore Cushion

Pressure Care

It can be intimidating deciding for the best option in a jungle of pressure sore cushions. To make this choice a little easier for you, we’ve put together a little guide of questions you should ask yourself.

Pressure sore cushions are great for preventing or relieving pressure sores that appear from sitting or laying down for longer periods of time.

How do I avoid bedsores?

Bedsores or pressure sores can best describe as a pressure injury and appear when areas of the skin and underlying tissue are under current pressure or friction.

Avoid this by getting a high profile cushion that offers pressure release as well as some pain reduction. A cushion that offers the best immersion and envelopment are ideal since they help to maintain the natural shape of the body and distributes the weight evenly.

Keep in mind that, even with the best pressure sore cushion for you, pressure sores will not automatically reduce with the help of a cushion alone. Speak with your doctor or a health professional to figure out the best solution for you.

For how long can I sit down?

With a pressure sore cushion, you’re able to stay seated to up to 16 hours, but this is highly individual. It is essential to follow your doctor’s instructions to make sure you are allowing some movement of the body at the right times in between the seated periods.

What is a safe user weight for my cushion?

To measure the correct weight and size for your cushion, it is a good idea to get in touch with your doctor or health care professional. They can assist in getting the right pressure sore cushion for you.

There are some essential things to keep in mind when you are using a pressure sore cushion to maximise the experience and to avoid any accidents.

– Ensure to remove any sharp objects from your pockets before sitting down on the cushion.

– Avoid exposing the cushion to extreme heat.

– Transfer the pressure sore cushion by holding onto the yellow rope or the cushion base. Avoid carrying it in any other way as this might damage the cushion.

– The material of the cushion might be damaged if in contact with petroleum-based solutions such as lanolin.

– Use a repair kit or a cushion cover if there are ever any changes to be made. The warranty might not be eligible if any other modifications have been made.

Cushion designs and materials

There are three categories of cushion designs- Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk. Which cushion you should get depends if you’re at low, medium or high risk of developing pressure sores.

Pressure sore cushions come in different materials, where the most popular one is memory foam. Memory foam facilitates blood circulation and spreads out the user’s weight evenly.

The gel cushion is regarded as one of the best materials used for pressure cushions. The combination of viscoelastic foam and silicone gel makes it an ideal choice for those seated the majority of the time.

EquaGel Protector Cushion

EquaGel Protector Cushion

A third option that, designed specifically for those with a high risk of developing pressure sores, is the airflow pressure sore cushion. This cushion has a constant airflow that relieves pressure and some cushions even assist in healing pressure ulcers.

The Roho Contour Select Cushion

Roho Contour Select Cushion

The Roho Contour Select Cushion is ideal for wheelchair users. The design positions the pelvis back into the wheelchair, which creates ultimate comfort for the user.

Have a look at our product range here to select the best pressure sore cushion for you!

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