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Roho Cushions & Mattresses

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Roho Cushions & Mattresses

Founded in 1973, Roho Inc. was incorporated by electrical engineer Robert H. Graebe after working in a hospital during 1957 and learning about the suffering associated with Ischemic Ulcers, more commonly known as bed sores or pressure ulcers. It was during the next 20 years that he began designing and testing more effective ways to treat and ultimately prevent pressure ulcers.

During this period of designing, testing and developing his product Robert invented a fibre material that mimicked the pressure equalisation and buoyancy of water in a dry environment, naming it the ROHO DRY FLOATATION® Technology. This technology has been used in a number of environments and medical situations in which it has been a major aid in both the prevention and healing of bedsores and deep tissue injuries.
As of March 2001, ROHO Inc. provides products specific to three different markets: medical seating, supporting surfaces and non-medical consumer applications. These markets span into a number of product offerings including wheelchair seating cushions and backings, mattresses for therapeutic uses and pressure mapping systems.
ROHO Inc. along with their innovative and market-leading DRY FLOATATION® are known for their dedicated and helpful customer service providing support and formal training for those using the ROHO technology.

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