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How slide sheets and transfer assist trolleys are improving patient and carer safety

Patient Transfer

Here at Patient Handling, we believe slide sheets and transfer assist trolleys are excellent for ensuring patient and carer safety. Equipment as such improves the transfer, lifting and repositioning of patients, and it is essential they are used correctly.

Slide sheets

Slide sheets facilitate the process of moving and repositioning a patient. It is designed to reduce the effort of moving a person up or across the bed, in a chair or during a car transfer. Slide sheets are made from a slippery material and to reduce friction between the patient and the surface.

At Patient Handling, we offer two types of slide sheets. Our most frequently purchased product is the standard slide sheet which comes available in a small and large size, as well as different colours.

Patient Handling Slide Sheet

Patient Handling Slide Sheet

The single patient use slide sheet is designed for facilities with a high risk of cross-contamination between patients.


Patient Handling Single Patient Use Slide Sheet

Patient Handling Single Patient Use Slide Sheet

Regular use of slide sheets is improving the safety for patients, carer and family because of the smooth and easy way of repositioning and transfer. This equipment highly reduces the risk of strain for caregivers and nurses as well as giving the patient a comfortable transfer.

Slide sheets are commonly used mainly because of the low cost and the convenience of using this equipment multiple times. It is essential to implement training programs for sheets to be used correctly and guarantee safety for both the patient and the carer.

If you are interested in learning more about the slide sheets there is more information on safety techniques to read here:…

Transfer Assist Trolleys

Transfer assist trolleys are helpful for patients who can stand but require assistance when walking and moving between standing and seated position. This equipment is highly comfortable for the patient and easy to clean.

Transfer trolleys assist a patient during rehabilitation and improve safety for both the patient and the carer. This equipment requires little effort for the carer and low risk of injuries. Same goes for the patient, the trolley assist and prevents injuries and encourages some mobility.

The Shifty Transfer Assist Trolley is designed to assist the patient to reposition from seated to a standing position and with brakes and agility it is perfect for shorter transportation.

Shifty Transfer Assist Trolley

Shifty Transfer Assist Trolley

We recommend using equipment such as slide sheets and transfer assist trolleys to improve the safety for carers and their patients. The correct use can prevent injuries, strains and facilitate the process of transferring and repositioning the patient.

Remember that it is always important to keep a few things in mind to ensure the safety and integrity of the patient. Keep in mind to:

– Always ask if extra assistance is needed and ensure you have the previous knowledge required in order not to injure yourself in the process.

– Know the weight of the person and transportation required.

– Communicate to minimise the risk of injuries.

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