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How to use a Bed Ladder Strap

Bed Ladder Straps are designed to aid the patient in sitting up independently, without the assistance of a carer. The Bed Ladder Strap is a strong band of webbing, with four equidistant handholds along it’s length that support and aid the patient with each stage of sitting up.

Bed Ladder Strap Installation
The Bed Ladder Strap is easily attachable to the bed frame; by wrapping it around the bottom of the frame, and looping it through itself to create a simple knot.
You can then simply pull the strap through and place it flat, parallel to the bed.
Using The Bed Ladder Strap
The Patient can use the Bed Ladder Strap to assist in sitting up and down when in bed, by simply taking hold of each of the equidistant handholds in turn, along the legnth of the strap.

The Bed Ladder Strap can be used as an alternative to monkey bars.

How To Use A Bed Ladder Strap Instructional Video

We've created a short video to demonstrate how easy the Bed Ladder Strap is to install and use:

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