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Top 5 reasons to choose a Molift Ceiling Hoist System

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Since the National Disability Insurance Scheme began, sales of the Molift Ceiling Hoist Systems at Patient Handling in Sydney’s inner west have more than tripled.
The official NDIS provider’s Scandinavian-made Molift Ceiling Hoists have grown so popular that the Marrickville company’s sales have increased significantly since the NDIS was rolled out across Australia from July 2016.
“The proof is in the numbers”, says Patient Handling mobility hoist specialist Andy Cuddihy. 
“The whole focus of the NDIS is ‘choice and control’, so users can nominate the products that they believe will most improve their day-to-day mobility and their quality of life, rather than being offered something that doesn’t quite suit their individual needs.”
The NDIS provides funding to people living with a permanent and significant disability and allows them to select and purchase the support that they believe will best assist them to regain independence and improve their daily lives. The Australia-wide scheme is replacing Australian states and territories’ former disability support systems.
Ceiling Hoists are used to transfer people from one location to another, for example from a bed to a wheelchair or a from a wheelchair to a toilet, with a track fitted to the ceiling. Users sit within a sling attached to a lifting motor.
Patient Handling currently offers Australia wide supply and installation of the portable Molift Nomad and the Molift AIR, both made to comply with Australian ISO standards and applicable for home and institutional settings.
To help you decide which ceiling hoist is the best solution for you, we’ve put together the top five reasons our customers have chosen to allocate their NDIS funds towards purchasing our Molift ceiling hoist systems.
Please call 1300 734 862 for more information about our comprehensive design and installation service.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Molift Ceiling Hoist System
1. Increased independence: For people who are able to place themselves into a sling, our ceiling hoists can be used to self-transfer themselves using the ‘power traverse’ mode. This presents a significant increase in daily independence for many users, depending on the user’s personal situation.
2. Decreased home care costs: A Ceiling Hoist can reduce the cost of care in home care settings over time by reducing the number of carers required for patient transfers from two to one. A minimum of two carers is required by some home care companies to safely transfer patients. In our experience, many users have halved their home care costs by reducing the number of carers required for transfers to one.
3. Decreased risk of manual handling injuries for carers: Moving or transferring a floor hoist can cause injury and strain for both carers and users, particularly back injuries. A Ceiling Hoist reduces the load for the person performing the transfer and therefore reduces the chance of injury.
4. Prevent damaged floors: While heavier floor hoists can be a great solution for some settings, they can cause damage to carpets and floorboards over time.
5. Save space: Once installed, a ceiling hoist takes up less space than mobile or floor hoists, which can create clutter and a greater visual impact within small spaces. A ceiling hoist does not need to be folded up and stored away.

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