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Over Toilet Aids

Over toilet aids, toilet seat raisers, toilet seat risers. These are all products which can greatly increase the ease of using the toilet. There are two types of over toilet aids that we supply: Over toilet frames and toilet seat raisers.

Over toilet frames: These can consist of a frame that goes around the toilet with no seat i.e. the existing seat of the toilet is used. They can also be supplied with a seat and lid, and in this case the original toilet seat is removed and the height is set on the over toilet frame seat to allow easier standing and sitting. A splash guard is supplied with this style of toilet seat frames.

Toilet seat raisers: These are used to increase the seat height of your toilet. The more difficulty you have in standing generally the higher the toilet seat raiser required. Toilet seat raisers are generally moulded plastic units which are secured to the toilet bowl after the original seat has been removed. These can be supplied in up to 150mm, and they are available with or without lid. They are designed to fit most standard toilets, but if you think they might not fit your toilet, please make some measurements and give our customer service team a call.

Our brands of over toilet aids include Savanah toilet seat raisers, R&R Healthcare, Sunrise Medical and Patterson Medical. 

Please have a look at our range and if you have any questions about over toilet aids please give us a call.

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