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Adjustable Beds

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What are adjustable beds?

Adjustable beds have a moving base powered by motors that can raise and lower different sections of the bed with the mattress and individual on top of it. These beds are useful for a variety of reasons and types of people including individuals who spend long periods of time in bed to those with chronic sleep conditions.

Who may require an adjustable bed?

Individuals that have pain resulting from back problems, arthritis, neck problems, frozen shoulder, and cramping may require an adjustable bed. People with spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and degenerative spondylolisthesis have also found adjustable beds favourable. Of course, adjustable beds are not limited to only these conditions, they can also be quite useful amongst the elderly and disabled.

Adjustable Beds

Have you ever considered using a home care adjustable bed? There are a few advantages and disadvantages of using an electric adjustable bed at home. They can be extremely helpful for those with limited mobility and improve the overall daily lives of those who use them, but there are some caveats when it comes to having an electric bed at home.

A recliner bed or what is commonly referred to as a ‘hospital bed’ might be a great solution for those who have difficulty getting into or out of a standard bed without slipping and falling. An adjustable bed is meant to help with sitting up, lying down, and getting in and out of bed. A carer will also reap the benefits of a recliner bed.
Adjustable beds can be lowered or raised according to the patient’s height and reach. There are typically bedrails on either side which can be lowered, raised, or removed as necessary. The head of the bed can be raised to assist with sitting up and getting to the side of the bed in order to stand. The head can also be lowered when the user is ready to rest and relax. Most beds have wheels so they can be positioned and moved around the house as needed. The wheels are also capable of locking to ensure stability.

Electric beds are much more helpful for users as they require less effort. The bed height is easily adjusted, and the positioning of the bed is made easy with the help of a remote. This is helpful in the positioning of the upper body and knees because it bends at the waist and knees. With the ability to alter the positions of the bed with the push of a button, it is much easier than using a manual bed.

Electric beds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and brands including Deutscher, I-Care and Peak Care. There are a number of mattress options with most being made from high-density foam and durable vinyl covers. Many are antibacterial, anti-static, acid-resistant, and waterproof for easy use and care. There are also bariatric mattress options for those who weigh up to 500 pounds and have difficulty getting into and out of bed. Based on the user’s preferences there are mattresses with springs, foam mattresses, and gel mattresses.

Although adding an adjustable bed to your home may be the best option for you, there are some drawbacks that need to be considered. Many of these beds resemble a hospital bed which can be visually displeasing. However, there are additional colour options that can help the bed blend in with your décor. These beds also require a lot of space. Although they are typically the size of a twin bed, there needs to be additional space around the bed so the user and carer can move around freely. Additionally, there must be access to a grounded electrical outlet when dealing with an electric bed. This can limit the mobility of the bed since it can only be placed where there is an outlet.

So, do you need an electric bed at home? If you have a loved one who is returning home after major surgery or an intense illness, then they may need a bed temporarily. For those with ongoing disabilities who have difficulty using a standard bed safely than an adjustable bed can be a lifesaver.

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