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Fall Prevention

Falls are a concern for a number of people within the population, with around 30% of adults over 65yrs experiencing at least one fall per year, most commonly in and around the home. As the population ages, this is due to increase and places importance for both loved ones, carers and healthcare providers on preventing the occurrence and opportunity of falls. Especially for older Australians, falls can result in serious and in some cases life-threatening injury including fractures and breakages of bones, cuts, bruises and sprains. Along with this, the scare and fear of falling can lead to a loss of confidence, mobility, independence and ultimately quality of life for some individuals.

There are a large number of reasons for falls to occur, from medical conditions and chronic disease to physical hazards around the home. Thankfully, there are also a large number of ways in which the individual, carers and loved ones can reduce the risk of falls occurring and can include:

  • Ensuring proper nutrition and liquid intake to assist with strength, balance and overall health
  • Maintaining an active exercise to prevent weakening of muscles and stiffening of joints
  • Remove all physical hazards around the home; remove slip or trip hazards from the floor
  • Wearing well fitting clothing and shoes including slippers
  • Install modifications around the home to assist with mobility and prevent falls including:
    • Shower and bathroom rails
    • Ramps and mobility aids
    • Hand rails
    • Emergency alarms

For further information and suggestions for minimising falls visit our blog page: CLICK HERE

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