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Guide: Best Bedside Commode Chairs

Best Bedside Commode Chairs As we age, simple tasks such as using the bathroom can become increasingly complicated and unsafe. A bedside commode is a mobility aid that assists those who may not be able to safely reach the bathroom due to impaired mobility, an injury, surgery, or illness. Various designs are available, such as...

Created by Michelle Carey
Last Updated July 14, 2023
Guide: Best Bedside Commode Chairs

Best Bedside Commode Chairs

As we age, simple tasks such as using the bathroom can become increasingly complicated and unsafe. A bedside commode is a mobility aid that assists those who may not be able to safely reach the bathroom due to impaired mobility, an injury, surgery, or illness.

Various designs are available, such as stylishly discrete chairs or even a bedside commode with wheels to assist with transfers. This article reviews the best bedside commode chairs of 2022 to help you find the most suitable one for your needs.

What is a Bedside Commode?

A bedside commode is a portable toilet positioned near an individual’s bed that does not use running water. With a seat like a toilet, a commode chair enables users to manage toileting from their bedroom. Waste matter is collected in a detachable basin beneath the seat. The basin is then manually emptied and cleaned after each use.

Who Needs a Bedside Commode?

Anyone experiencing difficulty safely reaching the bathroom to attend to their toileting needs can benefit from a bedside commode chair. The best bedside commode for elderly, disabled, or injured users balances functionality with users’ unique personal needs. A bedside commode helps prevent falls and assists carers in looking after patients with mobility issues.

What’s the Difference Between Bedside Commodes and Regular Commodes?

A bedside commode resembles a standard chair but functions as a toilet without running water. A bedside commode chair is typically placed near the bed for easy access during the night or when a carer is unavailable.

Similarly, a shower commode offers stability and support but is primarily used in the bathroom. Designed for wet areas and constructed of speciality materials, such as stainless steel, shower commodes aid users with toileting and showering. For example, the open rear design of the Juvo Hybrid Shower Commode enables clearance for this bedside commode over the toilet.

Shower commodes typically have non-slip rubber grips to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. Alternatively, some shower options are also used as bedside commode with wheels for easy transport between the bedroom and bathroom for toileting.

Patient Handling stocks a wide range of bedside commode chairs and shower commodes to suit all needs.

Benefits of a Bedside Commode

A bedside commode chair benefits users by providing a safe and secure method for toileting. Individuals confined to a bed for any period of time can benefit from a bedside commode, which provides an easy and dignified toileting option.

Bedside commodes also provide safer access and manoeuvrability for carers to perform care and hygiene tasks.

What to Consider When Looking for a Bedside Commode

Bedside commode chairs come with a variety of features and benefits. As a result, you should consider the following factors when looking to buy a bedside commode for yourself or a loved one:

Removable Bucket

For ease of cleaning, investing in a bedside commode chair with a fully removable bucket and lid is highly recommended.

Construction Material

Your bedside commode should be constructed of sturdy material suitable for its intended use. Most bedside commode chairs are made with plastic seats and polypropylene padding. However, it is essential to ensure the frame is reinforced with a reliable material that will accommodate frequent use, such as aluminium or steel.

Adjustable Height

To find the best bedside commode for elderly, disabled, or injured patients, it is recommended to consider whether it is height-adjustable. A bedside commode with adjustable height, and even armrests, can enhance a user’s comfort and stability.


Some bedside commodes may offer accessories, such as shelves, soap dishes, or additional padding, which may enhance your comfort and convenience.

Weight Limitations

Each bedside commode’s design and construction materials determine the maximum weight capacity. Check the manufacturer’s specifications or ask the friendly team at Patient Handling to ensure your bedside commode can safely accommodate the user’s weight.

Best Bedside Commodes for Seniors (Features, Price, Pros and Cons)

As we age, trips to the bathroom can become increasingly difficult – even more so during the night. Patient Handling recommends the below as the best bedside commodes for elderly patients, although other options in this article are also suitable for seniors.

Care Quip Folding Bedside Commode

Brand: Care Quip

Price: $

Key features:

  • Folding bedside commode
  • Removable bowl with lid
  • Non-slip rubber feet

The unique folding design of the Care Quip Folding Bedside Commode makes it simple to transport and store. This may be beneficial for care settings where space is limited.

The removable bowl with a lid prevents spills and is easy for carers to clean. The frame is lightweight aluminium and height adjustable between 48cm to 66cm.


  • Unique folding bedside commode
  • Designed for easy transport and storage
  • Maximum user weight of 100kg


  • The width between the armrests of 44cm may be too narrow for some users.

Care Quip Deluxe Basketweave Bedside Commode

Brand: Care Quip

Price: $$

Key features:

  • Stylish and discrete design
  • Hygienic single-piece moulded plastic base
  • Lid-locking design

The Deluxe Basketweave Bedside Commode is a freestanding bedside commode reinforced with a timber frame. The removable padded seat conceals a commode bowl with a unique lid-locking design to prevent spills. The single piece of moulded plastic has been designed to enhance hygiene and enable easy cleaning.

Made in England, the elegantly woven upholstery and sturdy timber frame are stylish and discrete, ensuring many guests will not identify the chair as a commode. For this reason, it is one of the best bedside commode for elderly individuals who want a commode that compliments other furniture in their bedroom.

Many elderly users find this bedside commode helpful during the night as they can avoid falls caused by attempting to navigate to the bathroom in the dark. The high-quality build, in accordance with Australian Standards, is elegant and discretely blends with home décor.


  • Comfortable, discrete and elegant design
  • Easy to clean
  • Built to high-quality standards in England


  • Fixed height and armrests

Etac Swift Mobil-2 Shower Commode

Brand: Etac

Price: $$$


  • Height adjustable between 45cm to 60cm
  • Quick drying backrest and curved footrest for user comfort
  • Seat with rear opening

Although not strictly a bedside commode with wheels, the Etac Swift Mobil-2 Shower Commode is highly adjustable and customisable for user comfort. Both the commode chair height and armrest width and height can be adjusted. Further, the swing-away footrests are also height adjustable.  The commode chair is attendant propelled and provides the best possible access for carers to complete hygiene tasks.


  • A larger design is also available
  • Maximum user weight of 160kg
  • Wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Easy to adjust and customise for comfort


  • Extra soft seat cushions must be purchased separately.

Best Padded Bedside Commodes (Features, Price, Pros and Cons)

Due to the high daily frequency of use, it’s essential to consider how comfortable a bedside commode chair will be for users. Those with sensitive skin or who prefer padding would likely benefit from our selection below of the best padded bedside commodes.

Deluxe Bedside Commode – Hinged Seat

Brand: K Care

Price: $

Key features:

  • Comfortable padding
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Removable container with handle

The Deluxe Bedside Commode features a padded seat, backrest and armrests. The backrest is depth adjustable for added comfort, and the legs are height adjustable. Constructed from 25mm powder-coated steel tubing, this commode chair is approved by Australian Standards.

The front and side skirt conceal the bucket underneath, which is removable for easy cleaning.

This unit is available in three widths with varying weight limitations:

  • 44cm width for a maximum user weight of 150kg
  • 52cm width for a maximum user weight of 250kg
  • 60cm width for a maximum user weight of 250kg


  • Comfortable padding and adjustable height
  • Available in multiple sizes and suitable as a bariatric bedside commode
  • Front and side skirt hide removable bucket


  • Fixed armrests mean users may require assistance

Best Bariatric Bedside Commode & 3 in 1 Bedside Commode (Features, Price, Pros and Cons)

As weight limitations can preclude bariatric users from safely using some bedside commode chairs, we have narrowed down bariatric bedside commodes with higher weight limits. Further, we’ve reviewed our most popular and highly recommended 3-in-1 bedside commode.

Days Economy Bedside Commode

Brand: Days Healthcare

Price: $

Key features:

  • Removable round bowl with lid and handle
  • No metal fittings
  • Stackable to 10 seats high

The Days Economy Bedside Commode is an ideal bariatric bedside commode with a maximum weight capacity of 190kg. The powder-coated frame measures 61cm wide and is height adjustable between 82 to 97cm.

Designed to be easy for a carer to clean, the lid on the removable bowl prevents spillages and lowers the risk of cross-infection.


  • Removable padded seat
  • Maximum weight capacity of 190kg
  • Easy to clean


  • No padding on armrests

Etac Swift Commode

Brand: Etac

Price: $$

Key features:

  • bedside commode over the toilet and shower chair
  • Maximum user weight of 130kg

The Etac Swift Commode does triple duty as a 3-in-1 product ideal for the elderly, people with a disability, and those recovering from injury or surgery. The removable pads provide comfort when used as a bedside commode chair.

The non-slip rubber feet provide stability when used as a shower chair or freestanding toilet seat raiser. The unit arrives flat-packed and is easy to assemble and adjust leg height without tools. This padded bedside commode offers comfortable and sturdy support for dressing and undressing.

Suitable as a bedside commode over the toilet, the Swift Commode features smooth surfaces and removable backrest and armrest padding. The pan features a handle and is integrated within the seat, automatically locking into an upright position once the lid is lifted.


  • Lightweight (5.4kg) and portable with removable legs
  • Removable padding ensures easy cleaning
  • Seat can be angled forwards
  • Five-year warranty


  • Fixed armrests

Factors to consider before purchasing

Bedside commode chairs are available in various designs, and you should consider the features that best suit your needs or those of your loved ones. In addition to the design features discussed earlier, consider the following factors when researching and purchasing your commode chair:


Do you primarily intend to use your commode in the bedroom, bathroom, or both? Consider if the construction material is suitable for the intended environment. Additionally, determine if the chair’s dimensions comfortably fit within the space.


Some bedside commode chairs may require assembly and the use of tools. Consider requesting assistance if you cannot safely assemble the chair on your own.


The cost of bedside commode chairs depends on the construction material, quality, and other design features. Patient Handling stocks various bedside commode chairs suitable for all budgets.

Furthermore, Patient Handling is a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our extensive range of bedside commode chairs is fully covered by NDIS funding as a form of Assistive Technology. As industry experts, Patient Handling provides advice on NDIS eligibility criteria and conditions for participants and their loved ones.


Due to age or other factors, you or your loved one may find using the bathroom a challenging task. Bedside commodes are a safe and affordable solution to assist users with mobility issues and their carers to safely attend to toileting needs. Bedside commode chairs reduce the risk of falls in or near the bathroom.

When selecting the best bedroom commode for you, you should evaluate your unique needs and circumstances. Your doctor, item stockists, or manufacturer representatives can often provide helpful advice.

As industry experts, Patient Handling can also help you determine the best bedroom commode chair to meet your needs. So why not contact us today?

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