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Notice: Senate Inquiry: The Need for Regulation of Mobility Scooters and Motorised Wheelchairs

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On the 6th of December 2017, the Senate announced for an inquiry and report into the mobility scooter regulations by the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee.

The matter: “The need for regulation of mobility scooters, also known as power wheelchairs or motorized wheelchairs or” will include:

a.the number of deaths and injuries attributed to accidents involving mobility scooters in Australia since their introduction;

b.the causes of these accidents;

c.any current regulations governing the use of mobility scooters throughout Australia;

d.comparison of Australian regulations with international standards;

e.what support structures are in place to ensure the safe operation of mobility scooters;

f.the regulatory role of government and non-government bodies; and

g.any related matter

David Sinclair, Executive Officer of ATSA said: “We believe the Inquiry should concentrate on education and infrastructure, address the real issues and not just the mobility device itself. We need to consider how and why are these devices used, not simply their speed and weight. ATSA is concerned that until now, the debate has centred purely on the device and not the needs of some of our most vulnerable citizens.”

Managing Director of Scooters Australia, Peter Fraser, said that the safety issue of mobility scooters might be settled once and for all if the committee investigates the issue thoroughly. “Australia already has some of the strictest regulations regarding mobility scooters in the world and if the committee is serious about looking at international practices, the mobility scooter industry has nothing to hide,” said Mr Fraser.


Contributions that the public can make:

Contacting local parliament members, seniors and disability groups in regards to this inquiry

Individuals and organisations can send their opinions and proposals in regards to this inquiry, more information can be found here

Quoted by David Sinclair, Executive Officer of ATSA

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