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Improving Mobility In Your Home: Quick Fixes To Make Your Life Easier

Mobility Equipment

Creating a safe and comfortable environment can immensely decrease the stress and struggle in everyday life. At Patient Handling, we recommend investing in mobility aids and other equipment to meet your needs and assist an independent lifestyle.


Falling or tripping is the main reason for injuries for patients and elders, and walking aids can reduce this risk significantly. Walking accidents include minor bumps but can also lead to severe injuries such as fractures and breakages.

Walking aids comes in many shapes and sizes. A rollator or a walker is a common alternative to improve mobility in the home and reduce the risk of falling. At Patient Handling, we have a wide range of rollators to suit specific needs. Things to consider when purchasing a rollator or a walker is the height, weight, size of wheels and the price. Tailored to suit the patient will ensure safety and comfortability.

Rollators and walkers ensure stability for the patient, and most of them have firm seats and room for storage when transporting laundry or items around the household.

The Peak Care Economy Lightweight Rollator is one of the lightest and most transportable walkers at Patient Handling. The rollator is ideal for moving around the home and comes with handbrakes at all times to ensure control for the user.

Peak Care Economy Lightweight Rollator

Peak Care Economy Lightweight Rollator

The Peak Care Ellipse Super Lite Carbon Fibre Rollator is a folding lightweight rollator with a waterproof seat that can be folded down for storage. The rollator comes with handbrakes and a kit to adjust the height and breaks to suit the patient.

Peak Care Ellipse Super Lite Carbon Fibre RollatorPeak Care Ellipse Super Lite Carbon Fibre Rollator


In addition to rollators an walkers, walking frames can be implemented to the home for further stability and safety. Walking frames can be used by disabled or elders to maintain balance when walking.

The Days Folding Ball Walker is a folding and height adjustable walking frame. It comes with anti-slip rubber tips on all four legs and wheels, and ski glides can be purchased additionally.

Read more about walking frames and view our range here.



Transfer benches provide a safe and comfortable seating area when bathing or showering.

At Patient Handling, we recommend The Peak Transfer Bench With Back, which is ideal for home usage and is easy to transfer to and from the bathroom. It can be used either on the left or the right-hand side and has a removable backrest.

Peak Transfer Bench With Back

Homecraft Transfer Bench With Back



As with walking aids, wheelchairs are great for reducing the risk of falling and injuries for the patient. A wheelchair is safe, comfortable and is an easy way for the patient to move around the house.

The Karma Ergo Lite Transit Wheelchair is one of many wheelchairs at Patient Handling. The Karma Ergo Lite is the lightest chair in the range and is ideal for easy transportation.

When choosing a wheelchair, it is essential to find one that suits the personal needs. The chair can be tailored for the individual user here at Patient Handling.



A cost-effective and practical solution to increase mobility in your home is to install a ramp. This will enable the patient to enter and leave home safely and comfortably.

The Aluminium Folding Ramp is a folding ramp, ideal for wheelchair, walkers and scooters. This ramp has safety sides and an adjustable end lip to ensure maximal safety for the patient.

Aluminium Folding Ramp

Aluminium Folding Ramp

Find out more information on mobility aids on Patient Handling.

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