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Bath Aids for Disabilities

Patient Handling has a wide range of bath aids for disabilities available on our website. View other products in this category here: Anti Slip MatsBathroom AccessoriesBath AidsBath BoardsBathroom SeatingBath Transfer BenchesBottom WipersGrab Bars & RailsOver Toilet FramesRaised Toilet Seats,  Shower ChairsShower Commodes, Toilet Aids

Bath Aids for Disabilities

At Patient Handling, we have a broad range of disabled bath aids for individuals with mobility challenges, among other disabilities. We ensure our products are from the best and most trusted brands; we prioritize quality for our customers; therefore, the bathroom aids are from the brands below:

The elderly, together with individuals with disabilities who need support when taking a shower, frequently find this activity to be physically and emotionally demanding. Their caregivers are also victims of this; many older persons might refuse assistance when bathing because the whole process is physically painful, embarrassing, and signifies a loss of autonomy. The disabled bath aids can assist individuals in keeping their independence intact, and suppose washing is becoming problematic, and you may find it significant to introduce some of the bathroom aids available at Patient Handling.

The disabled bath aids are perfect for home care for the elderly, Parkison’s and stroke patients, geriatric, bedridden, disabled, and handicapped patients. Additionally, many individuals feel more comfortable when a bathroom aid is installed for their bath; they feel more secure and safer when taking a shower. The bathroom aids have been proven to have significant health merits, including stress relieving and reducing sprained or sore muscles. The application of the disabled bath aids lets the elderly and disabled to enjoy these benefits.

  • Mobility issues. Bathroom aids offer individuals with mobility challenges the power to get in and out of the bath with ease and independently. It lets the disabled and elderly maintain their dignity by letting them maintain the freedom to shower without help.
  • Safety. Many disabled bath seats have a unique battery that is perfectly safe even when fully immersed in water. Besides, safety attributes include a switch that prevents the seat from being lowered beyond the intended level. Also, bath seats are customised to operate well even when the battery is low.
  • Control. The disabled bath aids can be operated single-handedly, and many have straightforward controls. This implies that the user does not require support while bathing, thus a more heightened feeling of independence.
  • Portability. Bath seats are not challenging to transport and can accompany the user when visiting their loved ones for a long trip. The setup needs a few minutes, and all bathroom aids such as bath seats are made to fit many bath sizes.

Full bathing comfort. Many people have had the pleasure of using disabled bath aids such as a bath seat to improve their bathing experience. Having swivelling seats to numerous desired angles and designed back padded rests for additional support lets the users enjoy a pleasant and relaxing bath with no need for help.

For more information regarding our disabled bath aids offered by Patient Handling, feel free to contact us today.

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