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Bath Aids for Disabilities

We have a large range of bath aids for people with disabilities. Browse our product range to choose your bathroom aids here at Patient Handling.

Bath Aids for Disabilities

Disabled bath aids can be essential for the elderly or those with a disability to maintain personal hygiene. Bathing can also be therapeutic in relieving muscle and joint pain.

The bathroom is a high-risk area in the home for falls which can result in serious injury. And, for the elderly, the risk of injury increases as you age. Making the bathroom as safe as possible and reduce this risk can be achieved through the use of a range of disabled bath aids.

Occupational therapists assist clients with the selection of disabled bath aids. They may undertake a mobility assessment to determine your needs. From there, the OT will recommend the most appropriate equipment for your current needs.

Some of the modifications and aids you may get for the bathroom include: Handrails and grab bars are installed alongside the toilet, near the shower or the bath. They provide extra support when transferring to prevent a fall. Support bars and rails can be either bolted to the wall or attached with suction cups. A shower chair is ideal for reducing fatigue from standing. These chairs provide stability if you have difficulty balancing in the shower. They may be designed with a seat including a backrest, and are available with or without armrests A bath chair or transfer bench makes assists with transfers to and from the bath and may reduce the need for a carer to assist. Bath chairs swivel, allowing you first to sit down and then swing your legs over the edge of the bath. A transfer bench is similar in that you can sit first and then move across and into the tub. Bath Mats reduce slips in the bath or shower. The surface is non-slip and textured for standing or sitting. Moulded suction cups on the underside affix to the shower floor or bottom of the bathtub.

Other ways to reduce falls in the bathroom include: Ensuring the floor is kept dry as much as possible Reduce the hot water temperature to 40 degrees to avoid scalds Providing a well-lit bathroom, particularly at night

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