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Funke-Medical Mattresses & Positioning Products

Funke-Medical Mattresses and Positioning Products are designed for use in medical or rehabilitation settings, such as for patients recovering from injury or surgery. These products may include mattresses and cushions designed to provide support and comfort for specific body parts, such as the back or legs, and are made with materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Funke-Medical Mattresses & Positioning Products

Funke products may also be used to prevent bedsores and pressure sores in bedridden patients. Additionally, these products may include positioning devices such as wedges, rolls and bolsters that are used to maintain proper alignment and positioning of the patient’s body. These devices can be used for patients with a wide range of conditions and can help prevent and treat pressure ulcers, prevent contractures, and support the patient’s limbs in the correct position.

Funke Medical’s product range includes medical sleeping and positioning systems for decubitus therapy, high-quality mattresses, and dental applications. The anti-decubitus are manufactured using high-quality PU foam.

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