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Electric Wheelchairs

Electric Wheelchairs assist users to participate in everyday activities. They provide increased mobility and independence for the user and their carer. These motorised wheelchairs allow a user to engage socially, outside the confines of the home. View other products in this category here: Manual WheelchairsKids WheelchairsComfort WheelchairsBariatric Wheelchairs


What are electric wheelchairs?

Electric wheelchairs are wheelchairs powered by an electric motor. They are useful for individuals who are unable to use a manual wheelchair or require the use of a wheelchair for long distances.

How much does an electric wheelchair cost?

The cost of an electric wheelchair can vary greatly – anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000. The reason for this difference can depend on a few things including the brand, quality, size and features. However, don’t be too alarmed, as the average electric wheelchair should only set you back around $2,500.

What brands of electric wheelchairs does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Karma, Merits, TA-Service and much more.

Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs help individuals with mobility challenges to easily participate in daily mundane activities. They offer independence and mobility not only for the user but also for the carer. These motorised wheelchairs let the user participate socially and even outside from the comfort of their homes.


Here, Patient Handling is the perfect answer if you are looking for an electric wheelchair for sale, particularly, electric wheelchair Australia. We source our products from the most trusted and best electric wheelchair suppliers, including Karma, TA-service, and Merits. Under the electric wheelchairs category, we also provide other products, Manual WheelchairsKids WheelchairsComfort WheelchairsBariatric Wheelchairs; we offer motorised chairs to the disabled.
Electric wheelchairs let users enjoy an incredible level of independence that might not have been possible in the years before. By offering significant comfort for the individuals who cannot stand or are facing a challenge to stand for a long duration, our vast range of electric wheelchairs provide the ideal solution. The following are among the various benefits of a motorised wheelchair.

Suitable for all. Regardless of your height or weight, here at Patient Handling, you will be able to get an electric wheelchair to meet all your needs. The motorised wheelchairs we provide are adaptable to the extent of any sort of disability, with an easy-to-use joystick for a comfortable and straightforward control movement. Most provide adjustment for leg space, tilt, height and recline too. For numerous users who might not have sufficient upper body strength to push manual wheelchairs, an electric wheelchair implies they cannot take short trips to anywhere they like.
Making many areas accessible. Motorised wheelchairs can be used outdoors and indoors, offering reliable support for individuals who need them for the whole day. Electric wheelchairs also provide a tight turning radius which implies that they are perfect for maneuvering smaller spaces. Besides, you will have the liberty to access levels you might never have thought possible in a manual wheelchair. We provide a variety of electric wheelchairs that are designed with a sixteen-inch rear-wheel drive system to give you a smooth ride on hills and ramps.

Effortless transport. Most electric wheelchairs are lightweight; therefore, they are easy to get out of the vehicle. We provide folding electric wheelchairs that can disassemble seamlessly. Our motorised wheelchairs have lead-acid batteries, unlike lithium batteries; therefore, they are perfectly legal and secure to take in an aeroplane.

A safe choice. The centre of gravity is lower in an electric wheelchair; therefore, there is a low probability of toppling over than a manual wheelchair. Accidental rolling is prevented because braking and movement on rough terrain are easier.
Improves confidence. With no complex controls, the electric wheelchairs we offer are easy to operate with a simple joystick. They need only the lightest touch while operating and can be easily adjusted to make sure the user is very comfortable the whole time in the chair. Besides, there is no need to stress about being stranded while you are up and about; our electric wheelchairs can reach a safe and secure maximum speed on a fully charged battery.

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