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Bodypoint Body Positioning Products

Bodypoint manufactures postural supports which are specifically designed to improve the safety, comfort and function of wheelchair users and users of other mobility devices.  At Bodypoint, they are passionate about ensuring that every wheelchair user is positioned correctly enough so that they can reach their personal goals.  Every product or device that is crafted, no matter how simple it may be, is designed to deliver the highest level of comfort, safety, performance, aesthetics, and the right fit.

Bodypoint Body Positioning Products

Bodypoint Postural Supports is a company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of postural supports for individuals with disabilities and mobility impairments. The company was founded with the goal of providing innovative and high-quality products that help individuals to maintain proper posture and alignment while sitting.

Bodypoint Postural Supports offers a wide range of products, including back supports, lumbar supports, pelvic supports, and head supports. Their back supports are designed to provide support and stability for the lower back, while their lumbar supports are designed to provide extra support for the lumbar region. Their pelvic supports are designed to provide support for the pelvis and hips, and their head supports are designed to provide support for the head and neck.

All Bodypoint postural support products are designed with the latest technology and are made from durable materials that ensure a comfortable and secure fit. They are also designed with the user’s safety in mind, featuring non-slip material and easy-to-use fastening systems.

Bodypoint is committed to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities and mobility impairments by providing them with the highest quality products and services. They have a reputation for providing the best customer service, and they are constantly working to improve their products and services to better meet the needs of their customers.

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